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Telegraphs - We Were Ghosts

The Telegraphs, We Were Ghosts

Review by Hedley Jackson

IndieLondon Rating: 3 out of 5

TELEGRAPHS are a storming five-piece from Brighton, entwining pop-rock with a touch of metal they have a confident sound. Biffy Clyro is the most obvious similarity and there are elements of Cajun Dance Party and Pigeon Detectives.

We Dance In Slow Motion is an impressive track, where the combination of Hattie Williams and Darcy Harrison’s vocals is a stand-out highlight, along with the decent melody in the chorus.

Whiney guitar riffs have a Lost Prophets edge, giving a darker side to We Were Ghosts, although their repeated implementation can get boring.

There are a lot of generic rock values in the songs, with the riffs, structure and occasional breakdown being a template for post-90’s pop-rock-metal, but Telegraphs deliver it all well.

The production is tight and polished and the technical ability of the members is very high with the instrumental middle-eight in Drop D, Not Bombs a highlight.

I Don’t Navigate By You is slightly different, having a higher tempo and strong energy, where Hattie’s vocals excel. So Cold is very aggressive, and a good song, with a Gallows-esque, angry, chanting breakdown.

The best track is The Rules Of Modern Policing, the album’s opening single. The light vocals of Darcy offer a good contrast to the heavy, rough music and the riff works well throughout. It’s got a strong pace builds well for a strong finish.

Overall, Telegraphs aren’t looking to break down any barriers with their music; it’s more of what’s been heard before, but it’s very strong. There’s a lot of positives in this effort and the band, with some tweaking, could still do even better.

Download Picks: The Rules Of Modern Policing, So Cold, We Dance In Slow Motion

Tracks Listing:

  1. The Argument
  2. We Dance In Slow Motion
  3. Your First Love Is Dead
  4. Forever Never
  5. Drop D Not Bombs
  6. I Don’t Navigate By You
  7. The Rules Of Modern Policing
  8. So Cold
  9. Notes From An Exit Station
  10. Eyes Switched Open
  11. What’s So Good About Goodbye?