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The Asteroids Galaxy Tour - The IndieLondon interview

The Asteroids Galaxy Tour

Interview by Rob Carnevale

THE Asteroids Galaxy Tour – aka Mette Lindberg and Lars Iversen – are undoubtedly one of 2009’s brightest new hopes. Denmark’s finest hipsters are set to release the brilliant new single The Sun Ain’t Shining No More on March 9, the follow-up to the equally sublime Around The Bend, which featured in the recent iPod Touch ad. Their debut album, Fruit, drops in April.

IndieLondon chats to Lars about getting together in the first place, that iPod placement, cameoing in TV’s Gossip Girl and which 10 tracks would make his infinite playlist.

Q. So how did you first get together 18 months ago?
Lars Iversen: We hung out in the same circle of bands and artists in Copenhagen, so I knew Mette and I knew her voice. We met up because I had these songs and sketches I wanted her to sing. 18 months went by and now we are here realizing our dream is coming true!!

Q. It has seemed like a whirlwind rise to success looking from the outside! How has it felt to you?
Lars Iversen: It’s been fantastic. We don’t complain! Our debut album hasn’t even come out yet and all this madness is happening around us. It would be a lie to say that we don’t like it.

Q. How important was getting Around The Bend – which is brilliant by the way – chosen for the Apple advertising campaign?
Lars Iversen: Seriously, we had lots of things happening for us before that advert came up. But, of course, it’s made life a bit easier for us. Fans from all over the planet now write us every minute on our Myspace to say how much they dig our sound. Without the ad it might only have been every hour.

Q. How was your TV cameo on Gossip Girl – was it nerve-wracking or has it whet your appetite for more cameo appearances, or even acting?
Lars Iversen: We never made it to New York where the series is shot, because of troubles with working permission. But the producers of Gossip Girl wanted to use our music anyway, so they re-wrote the manus so instead of AGT performing on stage it would be a DJ playing our songs at this big party.

Q. Tell us a little bit about the inspiration behind forthcoming new single, The Sun Aint Shining No More? What inspired it?
Lars Iversen: The sound is inspired by the the early soul and r&b of the 60’s. The purity of it… A “pissed off” attitude, some simple lyrics, a simple beat and a bassline to kill for!

Q. What was it like recruiting Miloud Carl Sabri on trumpet? And did he have any fantastic anecdotes to share?
Lars Iversen: Yeah, he sent us out on a tour in the galaxies!! He’s an old friend of mine and a big inspiration for me. A true original and a very fine artist. About the anecdotes, we like to keep them in the family. But if you meet him one day I sure he’d be happy to take your hand and show you the stars like you’ve never seen them before… And then tell a little anecdote.. yeah.

Q. You like your ‘60s soul – why? And the horns add a nice touch? Are they making a comeback to the mainstream do you think?
Lars Iversen: I don’t see why not. Horns – if used the right way – are the sexiest of all instruments! I have always been listening to black music from America. 60’s-70’s soul, jazz, psychedelic, hip-hop etc. But we don’t try to directly recreate any of these old sounds in any way. That’s not the goal, and you can hear that if you listen to our songs. We do it our own way, combining genres in the manner that suits us, and in that way try to express new emotions and feelings. We’re retrospective and futuristic at the same time. We like to call it pop.

*Q. What can we expect from the album, Fruit? And what are your own personal favourite tracks? What should we particularly be listening out for?
Lars Iversen: When playing live Push The Envelope is a favourite at the moment. It’s big, potent, mean, heavy and monotonic. It’s about addiction.

Q. You’ve played a number of gigs – but which have been your favourite/memorable and why?
Lars Iversen: That must be when we played Molotow in Hamburg in December. The venue was sold out one week before the show and people literally went mad! Big doormen had to stand in between AGT and the audience to keep prople from crawling up on the stage. It seemed like everyone knew our lyrics and sang along. We were not prepared for that reception and we’d never experienced anything like it!

Q. What does 2009 hold in store in terms of touring? You’re at SWSX and have festivals planned… do you also have a new set of UK tour dates incoming?
Lars Iversen: We’ll be living in a tour bus throughout 2009. That’s a fact. We’ll tour Europe intensively and we have two US tours planned as well. There are even plans about going to Australia… But sure we will be playing all over UK!!

Q. What music inspires you? If you had to put together an infinite playlist of, say 10 great tracks for IndieLondon readers, what would be on it?
Lars Iversen: Inner City Blues: Marvin Gaye
Sugarman: Sixto Rodriguez
Life’s what you make it: Talk Talk
It’s all over now, baby blue: Them
Down and Out in New York City: James Brown
Stuff & Things: Funkadelic
Oh My God: Jay-Z
Can you get to that: Funkadelic
Cinnamon Girl: Neil Young
All Blues: Miles Davis
Unstoppable: Santogold
Sunday Morning: The Velvet Underground