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The Beautiful New Born Children - Hey People!

The Beautiful New Born Children, Hey People!

Review by Jack Foley

IndieLondon Rating: 2 out of 5

IT SEEMS ironic that The Beautiful New Born Children should release their debut album, Hey People just weeks after The Strokes released their progressive third album, First Impressions of Earth.

This smacks of the same post-punk, art-rock style that so many bands are attempting to replicate nowadays which has become almost as outdated as the 80s sound it was borrowing from itself.

Hey People! is a fast and furious collection of raw guitars and edgy vocals that screech their way out of the speaker like some prelude to a giant car crash.

From the foot-to-the-floor opening track, Do The Do to the breathless Up And Down And Round And Round, the album barely pauses for breath, blurring into one uncomfortable wall of sound that makes it hard to distinguish one track from another.

You can pretty much gauge how the album seems to be thrown together from the non-descript names of the tracks themselves, such as Ok, Alright, Fine and Left, Right, Forward.

It lends the tracks an artsy feel – although the reality is far more unfriendly.

The story behind the band is more intriguing than the music itself.

The Beautiful New Born Children sent their music to a record company via a nondescript CD-R (with no contact info) that showcased their feverish blasts of raw rock ‘n’ roll.

Despite being signed, there remains an element of mystery surrounding their make-up.

Apparently, they’re a four-piece. The lead singer plays guitar both here and with a bevy of other projects including, surprisingly, Schneider TM.

The other guitarist is usually a bassist who happens to make a living designing lace patterns for women’s lingerie.

While the drummer is usually a guitarist who picked up the sticks for the first time for The BNBC and was in a band before with the bassist, who’s married to the lead singer.

Oooh, mysterious, huh? The question remains, though, should we care?

Track listing:
1. Do The Do
2. Paper Mill
3. A Good Dose
4. I Do Too
5. Left, Right, Forward
6. Hey, Heartbreaker
7. OK, Alright, Fine
8. Hectic Control
9. Up And Down And Round And Round