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The Body Rampant - Midnight Mayfair (Review)

The Body Rampant, Midnight Mayfair

Review by Jack Foley

IndieLondon Rating: 2.5 out of 5

THERE’S an interesting concept at play in this concept album from Southern California rockers The Body Rampant.

Dealing with a character whose heart stops beating and enters a hallucinogenic state where he appears to go through many visual and mental encounters, each song can be represented as a memory or story from past years of his life, mixed in with scary monsters and colorful twists that he cannot explain.

Alas, the ensuing delivery isn’t anywhere near as interesting as that all sounds, in spite of the band’s attempts to mix the sounds.

Album opener Dirtnap has a post-rock haze to its guitar work and a decent enough opening hook (that weaves its way back and forth throughout). But it’s not really doing a lot different to a lot of other US rock bands at the moment (or even in the past).

Nightfall shifts gears into post-hardcore territory but, again, struggles to maintain its own identity from the likes of acts like Funeral For A Friend and their American ilk, Windowseal mixes some mighty, grunge-inflicted power riffs with other moments of calm and is one of our picks, but Storm Bandage is a riot of noise where the lyrics (and therefore story) get a little drowned.

Just occasionally, there’s a song that sticks in your head a little longer. Through Your Head benefits from a slower tempo at times, while Under Achiever contains a snappy chorus and has that kind of Frat-boy song appeal that benefitted past acts like Blink-182 and Lit early in their careers.

Sadly, The Body Rampant’s Midnight Mayfair didn’t quite do it for us.

Download picks: Through Your Head, Under Achiever

Track listing:

  1. Dirtnap
  2. Nightfall
  3. Windowseal
  4. Storm Bandage
  5. Through Your Head
  6. Under Achiever
  7. Apparitia
  8. Ghostown
  9. Woodland
  10. Icarus