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The Broken Family Band - Please & Thank You

Broken Family Band, Please & Thank You

Review by Jack Foley

IndieLondon Rating: 3.5 out of 5

YOU could be forgiven for thinking that The Broken Family Band are an American act hailing from the likes of Nasvhille. They’re music has a very definite American twang to it, whether in early form as country rock or now, belatedly, rock pop.

Please & Thank You picks up where 2007’s Hello Love left off, in pop-rock territory… albeit with a darker, more dirty edge that’ll doubtless deny it that much radio accessibility.

Frontman Steven Adams is always unapologetically brash. He tells it like it is, or at the very least as he sees it. Love songs border on the crass, with effors such as Salivating, finding the lead singer sweating buckets over the thought of what he’d like to do with the object of his obsession.

St Albans, meanwhile, is a rollicking, dirty guitar anthem about failing to get laid in St Albans. It’s about a filthy, unshowered character with snot dripping from his nose, who has arranged to meet a Polish girl without so much as buying flowers. It’s hard not to smirk as you recall a similarly pathetic (and doomed) failure of a friend you may know, but the lyrics are hard to like. As melodic as the song itself remains, there’s a guilty pleasure to admitting you like what it has to say, almost akin to admitting to owning porn.

And so it is with much of this latest album. By being confrontational, it’s a good LP for the more rebellious among you; the renegae who likes to offend the person next door with a provocative album, or even your mother if you’re still living at home.

Highlights come in the form of the catchy, “la la la” laden You Did A Bad Thing, the witty dating dissection that is Cinema Vs House, the beautifully composed slow-burner Mimi (a love song about a beauty who just happens to work in an adult store), and the classic rocker Son of the Man, which combines the swagger of Oasis with the stomp of Tom Petty.

There’s some smart guitar work on The Girls In This Town, too, on an anthemic offering that also has plenty in common with an act like The Levellers – and which gives away the band’s UK roots.

The Broken Family Band have always prided themselves on being unfashionably alternative and with the deceptively titled [and polite] Please & Thank You they revel in their ability to tell it like it is, according to their way and experience of life. It’ll doubtless offend some – but there’s the rebel in me that really rather liked it. Well… most of the time.

Download picks: You Did A Bad Thing, The Girls In This Town, Cinema Vs House, Son of the Man, Mimi

Track listing:

  1. Please Yourself
  2. Salivating
  3. St Albans
  4. You Did A Bad Thing
  5. Cinema Vs House
  6. Borrowed Time
  7. Mimi
  8. Don’t Bury Us
  9. Stay Friendly
  10. Son Of The Man
  11. Girls In This Town
  12. Old Wounds