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The Broken Vinyl Club – The Broken Vinyl Club

The Broken Vinyl Club LP

Review by Jack Foley

IndieLondon Rating: 4 out of 5

IF YOU think they don’t make records like they used to, that embody the spirit of The Beatles, the swagger of The Rolling Stones and the charisma of The Monkees, then look no further than The Broken Vinyl Club.

Hailing from Cardiff and comprised of Scott Howells (vocals and guitar), Justin Beynon (guitar), Jamie Taylor (bass) and Merion Townsend (drums), the album is a resolutely retro leaning offering that aims to take listeners on a fun trip down memory lane… albeit with new songs about love and the ups and downs of relationship.

And their quality speaks for itself… especially since they were asked by well known ‘60s admirer Liam Gallagher to perform at his Pretty Green clothing launch in London and continually attract Alan McGee to their live performances.

The songs are breezy, snappy and steeped in retro values, with the slick guitar licks of every band or artist from The Beatles to The Kinks via Buddy Holly to the fore.

Highlights include stirring album opener Every Inch, which hits you with some cracking guitar work and a no-nonsense approach (“I’ve got eyes for no one baby, I’ve got eyes for you”/”please don’t tell me no now baby… it’s really gonna piss me off”); the gritty riffs and funky organs of She Just Keeps Me Waiting and the utterly sing-along One Way Street, which declares “stop pushing me around” over some of the catchiest guitar licks on the LP (it was a former IndieLondon single of the week).

Elsewhere, there’s a nice change of pace and a trip towards the more brooding with She’s Tired, which also includes some different guitar riffs, and a breezy, tambourine-backed walk on the seduced side with I Want You Girl.

Horror Show taps into the Stones-era of I Just Wanna Make Love To You while speaking of the desire for eternal youth, You Help Me combines the rock ‘n’ roll with something more bluesy and Brave Captain is just a good ‘ol fashioned foot-stomper of an album closer that ensures you’ll depart with a smile on your face.

Admittedly, there are a couple of times when the vocals could do with a little more work but in the main this is as close to perfection as you could wish, especially if you’re a fan of the artists they’re paying homage to (and who isn’t?).

Download picks: Every Inch, She Just Keeps Me Waiting, One Way Street, She’s Tired, I Want You Girl, Brave Captain, Horror Show

Track listing:

  1. Every Inch
  2. She Just Keeps Me Waiting
  3. All In Your Head
  4. Hiding From The Truth
  5. One Way Street
  6. She’s Tired
  7. I Want You Girl
  8. Horror Show
  9. In My Mind
  10. You Help Me
  11. Spin Around
  12. Brave Captain