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The Chemistry Set – This Day Will Never Happen Again

The Chemistry Set, This Day Will Never Happen Again

Review by Jack Foley

IndieLondon Rating: 3.5 out of 5

THE Chemistry Set first made a name for themselves in the ‘80s, when their name was being championed by the likes of John Peel and Tony Wilson.

This Day Will Never Happen Again marks the Manchester outfit’s first album in over 20 years and continues their trend for delivering neo-psychedelic, ‘60s influenced pop gems. It’s a collection of 14 tracks that wears its influences on its sleeve, but soars by doing so.

Not every track works – with opening effort El Retorno curiously underwhelming – but they hit their stride with Sheer Tazer Luv and its lively blend of psychedelic guitars, handclap beats, sharp horn blasts and loved up sentiment.

She’s Taking Me Down, meanwhile, is a breezy slice of Beatles-influenced guitar pop that succeeds by virtue of its brilliant guitar work and satisfying harmonies, and Silver Birch comes over like a cross between The Kinks and Pink Floyd.

Admittedly, The Chemistry Set are better when keeping things more poppy and less experimental, with This Day Will Never Happen Again, Seeing Upside Down and If Rome Was Meant To Fall zipping along in breezy guitar pop fashion and recalling the ‘60s in effortlessly fun fashion.

But even moments such as The Wind Is Hollow & I Touched The Sky, which begins as a slow-build trippy ballad before unleashing the guitars for a frenzied finish, and Look To The Sky provide interesting, if flawed, diversions into more steadfastly psychedelic (or shoe-gaze) territory.

The piano-led, bongo balanced We Luv You!, meanwhile, rounds things off in crowd-pleasing style, before Spanish, French and Catalan versions of some of the album’s previous tracks serve as fun – if superfluous – bonus material.

Hence, if you dig the ‘60s scene and are seeking a band to fill the gap left by Oasis (and currently being re-filled by Beady Eye) then The Chemistry Set are worth a little experiment.

Download picks: Sheer Tazer Luv, She’s Taking Me Down, Silver Birch, If Rome Was Meant To Fall, We Luv You!

Track listing:

  1. El Retorno
  2. Sheer Tazer Luv
  3. The Wind Is Hollow & I Touched The Sky
  4. She’s Taking Me Down
  5. Silver Birch
  6. This Day Will Never Happen Again
  7. Seeing Upside Down
  8. Look To The Sky
  9. If Rome Was Meant To Style
  10. We Live As We Dream… Alone
  11. We Luv You!
  12. Sheer Tazer Luv (Spanish)
  13. Regarde Le Ciel (French)
  14. La Logica Del Canvi (Catalan)