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The Corrs - Dreams: The Ultimate Corrs Collection

The Corrs - Dreams: The Ultimate Collection

Review by Jack Foley

IndieLondon Rating: 3.5 out of 5

IT’S been a while since The Corrs were considered one of the biggest pop groups of the late Nineties – following the success of tracks like So Young, Radio and their Fleetwood Mac cover, Dreams.

The group is comprised of three sisters and one brother – singer Andrea, drummer Caroline, violinist Sharon and guitarist/keyboard player Jim – and they were well-known for their easy listening blend of infectious pop beats and melodies that were imbued with ‘a touch of the Irish’ – or those violins.

But they appeared to fall out of favour almost as quickly as they found it and have struggled to make quite such an impact on the mainstream ever since. Not that this has prevented them from making music, as the new millennium saw them continuing to release albums and win acclaim from their diehard fanbase.

This Ultimate Collection of hits may seem unnecessary in light of 2001’s Best Of collection but it’s worth noting that 13 of the songs of the 20 featured here did not appear on that album.

It does feature five Top 10s, the number one smash Breathless and notable collaborations with U2’s Bono, Rolling Stones’ guitarist Ronnie Wood and The Chieftans. There are also live versions of a couple of tracks, as well as alternative mixes of some of the better known tracks.

If nothing else, the album serves as a nice reminder of one of the better pop groups of recent years – one that was capable of appealing to all ages and not just the pre-teen listener base. Andrea’s distinct vocals are well suited to both the lighter pop efforts and the more serious ballads such as Only When I Sleep. Unlike some girl bands, however, they possess a maturity that make the lyrics worth listening to and she is able to inject a lot of honest passion into her delivery.

Not every one of the tracks has aged well. Breathless is a slightly cheesy and hopelessly dated effort that sounds a little too retro now – even though Andrea’s vocal histrionics continue to engage as well as draw comparisons with Shania Twain! The same can be said of So Young and Runaway.

But where this album really delivers is during the maturer moments. Andrea’s duet with Bono on When The Stars Go Blue, for instance, is a firm highlight that’s tremendously accomplished, while a live version of Stones classic Ruby Tuesday is beautifully recreated and features an appearance from Ronnie Wood.

The Chieftains’ collaboration, I Know My Love is rich in harmony, violin segments and a distinctly Irish quality that’s similarly infectious, while the stripped down take on Brid Og Ni Mhaille, with an acoustic guitar, is a beguiling showcase of Andrea’s quality vocals that serves as a nice contrast.

There’s even an endearing quality that clings to the sweet What Can I Do that possibly marks the most timeless track of their glory days. It’s hopelessly romantic but pleasantly so.

So, while they may be away from the limelight at the moment, Dreams offers a worthwhile reminder of their early popularity, as well as their continued progression as a group that remains worth following. Lapsed fans, in particular, should enjoy becoming re-acquainted with them.

Track listing:

  1. Goodbye [2006 Remix]
  2. Forgiven Not Forgotten
  3. Dreams [Tee’s Radio Mix]
  4. Radio
  5. When The Stars Go Blue – Feat. Bono
  6. Only When I Sleep
  7. Breathless 8. So Young [K-Klass Remix]
  8. Runaway
  9. Summer Sunshine
  10. What Can I Do [Tin Tin Out Remix]
  11. All I Have To Do Is Dream – Feat. Laurent Voulzy
  12. No Frontiers
  13. Angel
  14. Old Town
  15. Ruby Tuesday – Feat. Ronnie Wood
  16. Haste To The Wedding
  17. I Know My Love – Feat. The Chieftans
  18. Brid Og Ni Mhaille
  19. Toss The Feathers