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The Datsuns - Headstunts

The Datsuns, Head Stunts

Review by Hedley Jackson

IndieLondon Rating: 4.5 out of 5

THIS hard-hitting fourth album from The Datsuns delivers in many different ways. From fast paced pop-punk to bigger stadium-esque rock songs, Headstunts is a very entertaining album.

Frantic distorted guitars run alongside endlessly pumping drums that deliver a real slap in the face. A perfect example for this is the first song Human Error, which immediately alerts you to the power and energy the band possess.

Hey! Paranoid People! (What’s in your Head?) is yet another high tempo tune with bags of energy and a lively chorus that will stick in your head for a while afterwards (along with the title).

The guitar solo on Yeah Yeah Just Another Mistake explodes, weaves, dives and spins with the kind of carefree ability that’s hard to find in modern music: laced with effects and seeded with fantastic musical creativity. This song is pure punk rock; a looping riff with ‘Ooh Ooh’s and chaotic drums over the top that amalgamate into a very satisfying, and reasonably heavy, song.

The Datsun’s versatility is demonstrated in the song Eye Of The Needle, which is slower and uses a well constructed chorus as its foundation. It eventually develops into an immense tune that would not sound out of place on a Green Day album.

Headstunts (an anagram of The Datsuns) is the best punk rock album I have heard in a long while. It’s filled with new ideas and plenty of old ones as well. The entire album has a rough, care-free demeanour to it that has been seen previously in bands like The Clash, yet their heavier side is more similar to Queens of the Stone Age.

This band have shown that they have a very energetic sound that will hopefully only get better live. They have all the ingredients to excite a wide audience with this incredibly confident album. The partnership of great musical ability and foot-tapping songs make this album a real gem.

Download picks: Human Error, Hey! Paranoid People!, Yeah, Yeah, Just Another Mistake, So Long, Somebody Better

Track Listing;

  1. Human Error
  2. Hey! Pananoid People! (What’s In Your Head?)
  3. Your Bones
  4. Ready, Set, Go!
  5. Yeah, Yeah Just Another Mistake
  6. Eye Of The Needle
  7. So Long
  8. Cruel Cruel Fate
  9. Highschool Hoodlums
  10. Cry Crybaby
  11. Pity Pity Please
  12. Somebody Better

  1. Really enjoyed your review. Great Album!

    Aileen Buscke    Oct 13    #