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The Establishment - Veritas (Review)

The Establishment

Review by Jack Foley

IndieLondon Rating: 3 out of 5

HAVING successfully been touring to promote recent single Jennifer Jones, Nottingham-based indie rockers The Establishment now drop their new album, Veritas, and look to maintain the momentum.

The ensuing album offers an amiable listen that’s chock full of tight melodies, big choruses and classic songwriting components. Not every track lands but there’s enough to keep the head nodding in appreciation throughout, even if the album is light on genuinely killer tracks.

In fact, Jennifer Jones remains the standout track thanks to its chiming indie melodies and a catchy chorus that is likely to have you singing along “Jennifer Jones, what a crying shame, we won’t be forgetting your name”.

But Superstar and She’s So High are also catchy, thanks to their basis in more retro guitar licks. Superstar, in particular, drops some great guitar riffs (in tandem with a vigorous drum-beat) that wouldn’t sound out of place on a ’60s record, while She’s So High almost opens in doo-wop fashion, such is the tightness of the vocal harmonies.

And they mix things up, too. In The City is a moody ballad of sorts that drops in a soulful set of female backing vocals over the chorus and a really decent guitar solo. It aspires to Northern Soul at times and is a useful showcase of their versatility.

It’s during these moments that vocalist Stephen ‘Hobbo’ Hobster gets to show his range too. And slow-building final track Just For Now is another good example of how he can exchange harder rock moments with something more tender.

The Establishment’s album has been produced by Steve Cradock and Matt Terry (they’re also managed by ex-footballer Dion Dublin) and it’s a team that serves them well. This album achieves its goal in making a notable step forward for them.

Download picks: Superstar, Jennifer Jones, In The City

Track listing:

  1. Diamonds
  2. Breaking Down
  3. She’s So High
  4. Superstar
  5. All Over Again
  6. Jennifer Jones
  7. Hope Tomorrow
  8. Waiting For The Girl
  9. In The City
  10. Hung Up On Jacqueline
  11. Just For Now