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The Golden Filter - Voluspa

The Golden Filter, Voluspa

Review by Jack Foley

IndieLondon Rating: 3.5 out of 5

THE Golden Filter have deliberately steeped themselves in mystery. Otherwise known as Penelope and Stephen, they specialise in synth-based ethereal pop which talks of an unearthly world where goddesses, love, myths and mountains reign.

Their self-produced debut album Voluspa is therefore an oddity. Occasionally thrilling, sometimes too dreamy and “out there” for its own good, it therefore signals the arrival of an intriguing new talent.

Early on, the album is particularly lively and thrilling. Opening track Dance Around The Fire dropping a compelling string and a really insistent back-beat, which works well against Penelope’s lush, ethereal delivery.

It’s a hip, even dancefloor friendly starting point that genuinely gets you excited.

The quality is maintained on Hide Me, which drops the lush opening line “open your eyes, can you see me” in a capella fashion, before a funky synth bassline drops to accompany the rest of the record. It’s extremely catchy.

Look Me In The Eye and the strings-heavy Moonlight Fantasy continue the momentum… the latter adaopting a more deliberate back-beat and only the occasional string flourish to accompany the haunted vocals.

It’s after this point that the album dips in quality slightly, as The Golden Filter indulge the more ethereal side of their nature to full effect, or push out samey-sounding dancefloor fillers that rely more on synths than strings.

Tracks like the stripped back The Underdogs are OK, as are the more lively likes of Solid Gold and Stardust, but they fail to generate the same levels of excitement as some of the earlier efforts.

Fortunately, the album ends strong. The desolate Nerida’s Gone is a fabulously stripped back slice of electronic comedown that once again showcases the beauty in Penelope’s vocals, while Thunderbird wraps things up on a funky, even feisty note.

All told, The Golden Filter have created a fascinating debut LP. And we like them for it!

Download picks: Dance Around The Fire, Hide Me, Look Me In The Eye, Nerida’s Gone, Thunderbird

Track listing:

  1. Dance Around The Fire
  2. Hide Me
  3. Look Me In The Eye
  4. Moonlight Fantasy
  5. Solid Gold
  6. Underdogs, The
  7. Stardust
  8. Freija’s Ghost
  9. Kiss Her Goodbye
  10. Nerida’s Gone
  11. Thunderbird