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The Heartbreaks – Funtimes (Review)

The Heartbreaks, Funtimes

Review by Jack Foley

IndieLondon Rating: 3.5 out of 5

MORECAMBE four-piece The Heartbreaks aim to put their town on the map as much as themselves.

Debut album Funtimes is therefore as much a love letter to that seaside town as it is a statement of intent. It’s also an LP that lives up to its name of delivering its own kind of fun times.

Musically, it offers 10 bright anthems driven by rattling drums, chiming guitars, Motown hooks and chant-worthy choruses. It’s sometimes a little rough around the edges but there’s also no denying there’s plenty to engage if life-affirming pop-rock is what you’re seeking.

The band’s zest for delivering a killer cut is nowhere more expertly realised than in the track Polly, which offers an ode to an object of affection that’s brimming with towering hooks, gutsy riff-making and a chorus that’s designed to sing along to with the highest of voices. It’s a fun blast.

But Save Our Souls, with its tight melodies and ferocious beats, is another riot of energy that hits you with another great chorus, and I Didn’t Think It Would Hurt To Think of You displays witty lyricism with youthful naivety and a delivery that also recalls the girl-group soul of the likes of The Ronettes and the Shangri-Las.

Earlier on, Liar, My Dear opens proceedings with a combination of classic rock vocals and rollicking guitar work before the anthemic Delay, Delay hits you with the type of guitar sound that early Smiths would have been proud of and a vocal delivery that recalls classic Lloyd Cole at times.

Throughout, the band never lose sight of either the energy and hope of their youth or the traditions and associations of their surroundings… with home-town Morecambe lovingly referenced at several points throughout as a backdrop or setting, as well as the North in general.

Rather than delivering the type of gritty, life is hard tracks more commonly associated with some of these regions, however, The Heartbreaks seem to exist to bring a little positivity and joy… and as such their debut album delivers that in spades.

It’s a riot of energy and is tailor-made for the term ‘catchy as hell’. It’s also a great starting point for them that should deservedly put them on the global music map.

Download picks: Delay, Delay, Polly, Hand on Heart, I Didn’t Think It Would Hurt To Think Of You

Track listing:

  1. Liar, My Dear
  2. Delay, Delay
  3. Hand On Heart
  4. Winter Gardens
  5. Remorseful
  6. Jealous, Don’t You Know
  7. Gorgeous
  8. Polly
  9. Save Our Souls
  10. I Didn’t Think It Would Hurt To Think Of You