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The Minus 5 - Killingsworth

The Minus 5, Killingsworth

Review by Hedley Jackson

IndieLondon Rating: 3.5 out of 5

THE Minus 5’s latest album is a pleasant mix of country, folk and rock, bringing together these genres with obvious skill and flair. Fronted by Scott McCaughey, the band have a rich, aged vibrancy to their music.

The Minus 5 are also able to deviate from their set sound and provide twinges of psychedelia throughout Killingsworth. The album reads like a story, with an abundance of creativity the songs have a romantic feel, where a weight of story is hidden behind the lyrics.

The Disembowlers is a bright pop song of fine quality and shows off nicely the song writing ability of the band. Whining guitars add a plaintive sheen to an already great song.

Scott McCaughey’s lead vocals are reminiscent of Bob Geldof or Dylan, where the ability is not necessarily in the quality of the singing, but in the ability to deliver an impassioned performance with a swagger and charisma.

This is demonstrated brilliantly in Big Beat Up Moon, where guitar and vocals work brilliantly in tandem throughout a well structured ballad.

Being slightly repetitive can be a downside of Killingsworth, lacking variation in the style they play. The album can lose enthusiasm in its second half where one gets the feeling that there are just too many songs.

The album is very good, and fans of good songwriting and music of this older, mature nature will be impressed. Without providing anything new and exceptional, it can become a bit tired, but it’s just the jaded and worn texture to this band’s music that makes it so appealing.

Download Picks: The Disembowlers, Big Beat Up Moon, I Would Rather Sacrifice You, Gash In The Cocoon

Track Listing:

  1. Dark Hand Of Contagion
  2. The Long Hall
  3. The Disembowlers
  4. The Lurking Barrister
  5. It Won’t Do You Any Good
  6. Vintage Violet
  7. Scott Walker’s Fault
  8. Big Beat Up Moon
  9. I Would Rather Sacrifice You
  10. Ambulance Dancehall
  11. Gash In The Cocoon
  12. Smoke On, Jerry
  13. Your Favourite Mess
  14. Tonight You’re Buying Me A Drink, Bub