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The New Tigers - The Badger (Review)

The New Tigers, Badger

Review by Jack Foley

IndieLondon Rating: 3 out of 5

FINNISH indie rock quartet The New Tigers return with a sophomore set of indie-inflected guitar music that harks back to the ’90s heyday.

Billed as a simple record full of catchy choruses, sweet solos, tinkling glockenspiel and wonky vocal melodies, this offers up a nostalgia trip for past followers of acts like Pavement, The Pastels, Galaxie 500 or even early Charlatans.

Commenting on what to expect themselves, the band state: “The Badger presents a wider spectrum of songs. Our first album was often compared to sitting next to a jet engine listening to a wonky Walkman.

“This time it’s more like a hydrocopter, or maybe an amphibious car. The music doesn’t operate only in the air, but also in water and on ice. We added lots of glockenspiel as well as different tempos, more varied guitar noodling and a tiny dish of sophistication.”

The sophistication is evident on gentler moments such as album closer Gentle Rock, which is as serene as it sounds, and beautifully crafted.

But there’s a catchy breeziness to Secondary City, in which the guitars really come alive, while Antarktis drops in a satisfying melody and some Strokes-styled riffs.

Just occasionally, the vocals disappoint, coming over as a little too washed out and shoegaze, so that you have to struggle to really hear what they have to say.

But the guitars and, yes, even the glockenspiels often do much to compensate and there’s still a great pleasure in listening to the instrumentals. Hence, Blue Fell (which has more of an acoustic slant early on) and Remote Control offer two further highlights worth checking out, either for kicking back with on warm summer’s days, or taking with your surfing pals or on road trips.

There’s a lot to like on The Badger.

Download picks: Secondary City, Gentle Rock, Blue Fell, Remote Control

Track listing:

  1. Where Is It
  2. Secondary City
  3. Antarktis
  4. Don’t Know Where to Go
  5. Blue Fell
  6. Quicksilver
  7. Mercury
  8. Remote Control
  9. Gentle Rock