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The Perishers - Let There Be Morning

The Perishers, Let There Be Morning

Review by Jack Foley

IndieLondon Rating: 4.5 out of 5

THE Perishers may sing dark songs about lost love and small-town despair but their infectious melodies and uplifting records ensure that they’re very much a band to pay attention to.

Hailing from Umeå, Sweden, where the dark, snowcapped winters stretch from October to April, the band describe their album, Let There Be Morning as a melancholy paean to life in their hometown.

Fortunately, it’s nowhere near as depressing as this sounds, emerging instead as a beautifully crafted long-player that deserves ti draw favourable comparisons with the likes of Coldplay, Snow Patrol and Keane.

Fronted by vocalist/guitarist Ola Klüft, the band specialise in crisp songs that are constructed around tumbling pianos, emotive lyrics and a heartfelt passion that is both heart-warming and heartbreaking both at the same time.

Recent single, Trouble Sleeping was a classic case in point – a wonderfully infectious offering that boasts a really striking central guitar riff and an easygoing indie-pop style.

But it’s one of several gems just waiting to be discovered.

Excellent, too, is the shimmering Nothing Like You and I, a slow-building love song about two lovers walking along, drinking together and learning about each other. It’s a majestic effort, augmented by Klüft’s softly, softly vocals, that’s underpinned by a sadness (‘we spend some time together crying’).

Still Here, meanwhile, offers some warm, almost sunny melodies to counter-balance the harsher lyrics – ‘so this world has left you bare, I’m sorry I no longer care, I wonder who’ll be there for you when I’m gone’. It’s another highlight.

Pills is a bittersweet effort that thrives on the boy-girl vocal trade-off running centrally throughout. A tale of fractured, faltering love that’s held together by pills, it contains some achingly gorgeous acoustic guitar riffs and tantalising piano chords.

The same hypnotic piano is evident on album opener, Weekends, a song that sets things in motion in high style.

And it underpins the final track, Let There Be Morning, another melancholy comforter that’s about somebody who is about to die who remains very hopeful because something better is waiting.

Klüft says of the album: “We live in a small town in Sweden, far away from where everything happens. In the north, the winters are very, very long and cold and dark.

“It affects me a lot. When you’re happy, you don’t have the time to write music because you’re doing something else. But when you’re a little bit low and it’s cold outside, that’s when the inspiration comes.

“We therefore write songs that creep into you and stay there.”

It’s an appropriate description for once you’ve heard The Perishers, they’re very difficult to shake from your subconscious. Despair has seldom sounded so comforting.

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Track listing:

  1. Weekends
  2. Sway
  3. Reminder
  4. My Heart
  5. Nothing Like You And I
  6. Trouble Sleeping
  7. Still Here
  8. Going Out
  9. Pills
  10. Let There Be Morning