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The Pigeon Detectives - Wait For Me

The Pigeon Detectives, Wait For Me

Review by Jack Foley

IndieLondon Rating: 3.5 out of 5

SOMETIMES you can have too much of a good thing. The explosion of punk-pop bands was a good thing while it lasted but now the marketplace seems to be flooded.

For every Arctic Monkeys, Milburn or Little Man Tate, there’s countless wannabes plying their trade energetically but without that special something really needed to help them stand out from the pack.

The Pigeon Detectives, self-confessed friends of Kaiser Chiefs and another youthful outfit from Yorkshire, could go either way on the strength of their debut album.

Wait For Me is chock full of smart, snappy indie pop anthems that confront the rigours of youth, its anxieties, its petty squabbles and its hedonsim and sexuality.

And for those seeking nothing more it confidently delivers the good, as epitomised by recent single I’m Not Sorry or the previous offering Romantic Type.

But as good as most of the album is there’s a sense that it could have been a little better. Songs conform to a strict criteria and are thrashed out at breakneck speed.

It means that several blur into one and struggle to emerge as anything other than album fillers. It’s a shame, given the potential displayed in its very best moments.

But if Romantic Type kicks things off with some crash, bang, wallop drums and sharp guitar riffs to deliver a sparkling indie pop romp, and I Found Out follows seamlessly with more catchy punk-inflicted hooks (think Buzzcocks) and chanty, shout-along backing vocals (think Kaiser Chiefs), then it’s merely setting things up for the long haul.

Don’t Know How To Say Goodbye is a cheeky nod to young infatuation and drink that thrives on some spunky hooks but it’s followed by another in the same mould, Caught In Your Trap – ie, similar theme, similar delivery, similar catchiness…

There’s a moment during the opening bars of Can’t Control Myself that you think “aah, slower number” and relish the prospect of a maturer, more reflective offering – but come the minute mark, the guitars kick in and we’re off at breakneck pace again.

The song pretty much encapsulates all that’s good and bad about the album. Don’t get us wrong, we like it (sometimes very much) but come the riotous final track I’m Always Right you might be craving a little more layering, a little more substance and a little something to prevent them being, erm, pigeon holed.

That said, we’re going to give them the benefit of the doubt – this is a debut album after all – and further recommend tracks like the melody-strewn You Know I Love You and title track Wait For Me. They help to ensure that the album is mostly vibrant, energetic and fun.

Download picks: Romantic Type, I Found Out, I’m Not Sorry, You Know I Love You, Wait For Me

Track listing:

  1. Romantic Type
  2. I Found Out
  3. Don’t Know How To Say Goodbye
  4. Caught In Your Trap
  5. I Can’t Control Myself
  6. I’m Not Sorry
  7. You Know I Love You
  8. Stop Or Go
  9. You Better Not Look My Way
  10. Take Her Back
  11. Wait For Me
  12. I’m Always Right