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The Pigeon Detectives - We Met At Sea (Review)

The Pigeon Detectives, We Met At Sea

Review by Jack Foley

IndieLondon Rating: 3 out of 5

THE first three songs on The Pigeon Detectives’ new album, We Met At Sea, appear to conform to a very similar structure, sparking fears that this was the sound of a band on auto-pilot despite having been away for two years.

Admittedly, one of those three songs is pretty decent. The former single I Won’t Come Back is a raw and ballsy rock ‘n’ roll track that sees the band at their most honest. In single form, it represented a declaration of intent both in terms of the lyrics (about a failed relationship) and what to expect from the new material.

But placed in the middle of those three openers, it’s part of a worrying trend. Fortunately, they step up their game from track four onwards to deliver another decent album.

Light Me Up is a great indie rocker, dripping with melody and cute guitar hooks, and a chorus that looks set to become an anthem for them. It boasts a Twang-like vibe at times, although the style of the vocals is pure Pigeon Detectives.

Can’t You Find Me is sharper and more of a return to the style of the first three but also just different enough to make it stand out too. If anything, it has a vague hint of Arctic Monkeys about it.

I Don’t Mind unfurls with some tick-tock guitar riffs reminiscent of The Cars before settling into another belting yarn that, again, shows how they can strip back on the power and excel by layering in the melody. This one combines both, confidently, and even has a touch of the Shed Sevens about it during the chorus.

Day And Month is a cracker of a song, too… a track about pining for someone that boasts some of the most distinct, and summery, guitar sounds on the album. It’s another highlight.

No State To Drive, meanwhile, manages to drop more endearing melodies and another anthemic chorus that’s great to get behind. The instrumentals on this one, too, sound fresh and a little more layered, with cute whistle-style electronics to embellish proceedings.

Where Are You may round things off in similarly head-banging style to album opener Animal but it’s a boisterous finale to an album that, fortunately, manages to mix the foot-stompers with the breezy summer anthems to generally winning effect.

It’s no masterpiece but it’s a lively romp of an LP.

Download picks: Light Me Up, I Don’t Mind, Day And Month, No State To Drive

Track listing:

  1. Animal
  2. I Won’t Come Back
  3. Hold Your Gaze
  4. Light Me Up
  5. Can’t You Find Me
  6. I Don’t Mind
  7. Day And Month
  8. Unforgettable
  9. No State To Drive
  10. Where Are You