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The Race - In My Head It Works

The Race, In My Head It Works

Review by Hedley Jackson

IndieLondon Rating: 3 out of 5

SOLID indie-rock with a spattering of pop-driven choruses and chantable hooks, this is The Race’s latest album, In My Head It Works.

From start to finish this album explodes with sound. Distorted guitar, synth and vocals provide the solid blueprint for the songs to grow from.

Rude Boy has a Ska-like swagger, and with tons of reverb it sounds incredibly lush. Written about prison inmate’s unwarranted self-confidence, it certainly deserves it’s own arrogance. “You better back down, ’cos he’s a rude boy,” sings the chorus, with an ironic stab at those the country loathes. This punchy The Enemy-esque tune is definitely first-single material.

Moorwood is a slower song with Jessica Del Rio’s accompanying vocals shining through. This melancholic track has a great depth and epitomises their song-writing ability.

The band have been influenced by the popular pop-rock bands of a few years ago (Arcade Fire, Yeah Yeah Yeahs, etc.) but have a far more dynamic and tangible sound that revolves around a more solid, rock nucleus. They have a great understanding of what makes a massive-sounding rock song.

Summer is an incredibly original song, with a bizarre structure and experimental feel, yet The Race make it work. Dan Buchanan’s vocals are consistently strong and the drums by Andrew Aitken relentlessly charge alongside the rest of the music.

The band’s sound can seem repetitive at times, where songs blend together and fail to grab the attention. Their strength in making anthemic songs is commendable, however; Killer’s chorus and the climax to Give Me Your Bible make Arcade Fire look like a busker with a banjo.

Overall, In My Head It Works marks an impressive return from The Race. It’s consistently good, with a dynamic sound and vast composition.

It perhaps lacks a couple more attention-grabbing songs, but The Race still show their ability both technically and creatively. In My Head It Works is therfore a fine listen that will not disappoint.

Download Picks: Rude Boy, Moorwood, Summer, Killer, Better To Slip Away?, Give Me Your Bible

Track Listing:

  1. Begin
  2. I Get It Wrong
  3. Rude Boy
  4. Moorwood
  5. Undecided
  6. Summer
  7. Killer
  8. Better To Slip Away?
  9. Gloves
  10. Racing Car Game
  11. See You Sunday
  12. Give Me Your Bible