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The Raveonettes - In And Out of Control

The Raveonettes, In And Out of Control

Review by Jack Foley

IndieLondon Rating: 4 out of 5

DON’T be deceived by Danish duo The Raveonettes’ apparently sunshine vibe. Their brand of music is very, very dark.

New album In And Out Of Control is chock full of ’60s and ’70s influenced sunshine riffs, and even a Beach Boys style of melodising, but their songs cover everything from rape and suicide to drug abuse and car vandalism. And it’s all highly addictive.

The willfully perverse nature of the LP is demonstrated from the outset, as Bang! explodes to life with a rollicking guitar groove and a foot-stompingly good drum beat, while hitting you with lyrics such as “Bang, you’re so vicious baby, you should have had to control me…”

Distortion greets the start of follow-up track, Gone Forver, before hitting you with the sort of riff that would grace any surf soundtrack and a keen sense of melodising. But it’s a break-up anthem of pure bitterness.

Last Dance, meanwhile, sets twinkling xylophones, happy-go-lucky beats, “dreamy vocals”, a catchy chorus and plenty of “woo-hooing” over lyrics such as “every time you overdose, I rush to intensive care…” Nice!

Things get even darker on the, admittedly, more foreboding Boys Who Rape (Should Be Destroyed), which contains a Ladytron electronic vibe, or Suicide, which reverts back to California surf-music mode while relaying its warped tale of life-taking.

Oh, I Buried You Today, meanwhile, is full of laidback ’60s innocence in its cute guitar licks and dreamy vocals… but it’s another desperately bleak song lyrically; as is the self-explanatory Heart of Stone, which nevertheless excels through a rollicking (even uplifting) central guitar refrain.

And yet the whole thing is brilliant fun to listen to; insanely catchy, kick-arse cool and deliberately obscure.

Occasionally, they layer on the distortion and the guitars wail a little too oppressively over tracks like Break Up Girls! and, to a lesser extent, D.R.U.G.S.

But in the main, this is rousing, inspired stuff from The Raveonettes that blows you away with its ability to entertain and provoke.

Download picks: Bang!, Last Dance, Heart of Stone, Oh, I Buried You Today, Suicide

Track listing:

  1. Bang
  2. Gone Forever
  3. Last Dance
  4. Boys Who Rape (Should All Be Destroyed)
  5. Heart Of Stone
  6. Oh I Buried You Today
  7. Suicide
  8. DRUGS
  9. Breaking Into Cars
  10. Break Up Girls
  11. Wine