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The Research - The Old Terminal

The Research, The Old Terminal

Review by Jack Foley

IndieLondon Rating: 3 out of 5

THE Research’s sophomore album The Old Terminal is alive with kooky, punk-inflicted charm. It’s just a shame that it can’t sustain it for quite the duration of the album.

The trio are comprised of Yorkshire’s famed rocky rider and beguiling bad boy Russell (aka El Disastro), the irritable glamour rebel Georgia Lashbrook and the schematic for every rolling stone you ever thought you knew, Sarah Williams. They formed in 2003 and released their debut album, Breaking Up, in 2006 to a flurry of great reviews, including 4/5 stars in Mojo.

Support slots with the likes of Maximo Park, Mystery Jets and The Cribs then followed, before they set to work on the second album.

The result is generally engaging, with former single I Think She’s The One I Love among the pick of what the album has to offer – a charming love song fuelled by glockenspiel beats, melodic guitar riffs and dreamy boy-girl vocals. It’s layered and beautiful and certain to charm the socks off listeners of every music sensibility.

Unfortunately, the remainder of the album struggles to match its quality. A few tracks come close, such as album opener Golden Rules, a tale of breaking the rules that’s nicely endearing, and the country-tinged Librarian Girl, which is rife with appealing lyrics.

There Are No Subs In My Team is a very Strokes-like offering, especially in its sharp, catchy post-punk inflicted guitar licks, while there’s a ramshackle quality about the loopy, child-like piano chords that accompany Going To Disappearing.

And Anytime Babe, Anytime brings the album to a nicely rousing finale, complete with more Strokes-ian guitar work.

But some of the other songs struggle to really differentiate themselves and tend to blend into one after a couple of listens. The middle section, in particular, feels like a collection of album fillers, rather than anything as inspired and appealing as the best The Research have to offer.

It’s a shame because when they get it right, they boast plenty of appeal

Download picks: Golden Rules, I Think She’s The One I Love, Anytime Babe Anytime, There Are No Subs In My Team

Track listing:

  1. Golden Rules
  2. Lost Souls In The Vapours
  3. I Think She’s The One I Love
  4. She Is Cold As Death, Cold As Death, Cold As Death
  5. Treasure Every Measure
  6. Librarian Girl
  7. Rockin’ The Boat With My Friends
  8. All My Love
  9. I Think I Know What Happens When You Die
  10. There Are No Subs In My Team
  11. I Would Like To Be Forgiven
  12. Going To Disappearing
  13. Anytime, Babe