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The Riptide Movement - Getting Through (Review)

The Riptide Movement, Getting Through

Review by Jack Foley

IndieLondon Rating: 3 out of 5

DUBLIN four-piece The Riptide Movement look set to cement a memorable 2015 with the release of their latest album, the anthemic Getting Through.

Produced by Flogging Molly’s Ted Hutt (who has also worked with Dropkick Murphys and The Gaslight Anthem), this is a hard-rocking effort that manages to keep its ear to the mainstream too, drawing comparisons with everyone from countrymen U2 to The Gaslight Anthem, Bruce Springsteen and We Are Augustines.

Their songs drip with classic storytelling elements of life in Ireland, while hitting some sky-scraping highs over the choruses. And it’s clear to see where these boys are aiming to play them: in some of the world’s biggest stadiums.

If there’s a criticism, it’s that a lot of the songs follow the same kind of pumped up formula and run the risk of sounding similar. But most are dropped with such enthusiasm that there’s almost always some kind of infectious quality about them, as well as a nod to a musical inspiration.

Hence, even at its most ‘ordinary’, as in Friday To Sunday, the chorus has a hint of classic Rolling Stones about it, from the chanting of the band as a whole to the rousing guitar work.

But at their most enjoyable, they’re capable of rollicking anthems such as Glor, an ode to escaping (“I’m going to leave this town like I knew I would”), that is bursting with Springsteen-husk vocals and chanted choruses… not to mention more of those effortlessly catchy guitar hooks. This one even comes with stabs of brass.

The rolling guitar licks of title track Getting Through serve up another gem and the type of song that genuinely mixes up the formula by virtue of its mid-tempo, slow-build approach. This one has the spirit of Rattle & Hum era U2 running through its veins and is an easy highlight to pick out.

Similarly, the final track Sycamore Tree opts for a more slow-build approach, where the melodies and emotions are effective and tight, thereby delivering another favourite and yet another indication of how they can mix things up in their favour. This one has an air of melancholy about it (“have you forgotten your own way home?”), while vocally recalling a touch of the Leonard Cohen about it mixed with Van Morrison and Bono.

More straight-forward and instantly catchy is former single You And I, which rolls out of the blocks in slick, engaging fashion courtesy of more great hooks, a husky set of vocals and a foot-stomping chorus that’s tailor-made for singing along to in giddy fashion.

Overall, therefore, The Riptide Movement have dropped an album that really delivers on their intentions. Stadiums surely beckon… if not right now, then in the very near future.

Download picks: You And I, Skin And Bones, Getting Through, Sycamore Tree, Glor

Track listing:

  1. Animal
  2. How Can I Let You Go?
  3. All Works Out
  4. You and I
  5. Getting Through
  6. Glor
  7. Across the Water
  8. Skin and Bones
  9. Friday to Sunday
  10. Sycamore Tree