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The Silent Years - The Globe

The Silent Years, The Globe

Review by Jack Foley

IndieLondon Rating: 4 out of 5

THE Silent Years’ new album The Globe marks a major step forward for this Detroit based indie band in more ways than one.

Firstly, it demonstrates a greater diversity; secondly, it marks a fuller line-up after they recruited three-fifths of the line-up from fellow indie rockers Rescue to the cause, and thirdly, it was written around a prevailing concept of recognising the universality of life.

Hence, having taken the US underground by storm since forming four years ago, they now look set to make their mark on a global scale.

The Globe runs for an epic 16 tracks and it’s tribute to Josh Epstein’s limitless ambition that no two tracks sound the same. There are the occasional fillers, but on the whole this is a grand success story that deserves a wide listener base.

The breadth of diversity is best demonstrated in the album’s three openers. Out Into The World, for instance, kicks things off in a vaguely surreal indie style that’s reminiscent of the sweeping beauty of Arcade Fire and The Flaming Lips, while On Our Way Home is a much more intimate acoustic-based offering that’s more in keeping with the slow-burning intensity of an act like Turin Brakes.

Climb On My Back, meanwhile, is a full pelt indie rocker of straight-ahead rousing quality.

Thereafter, handclaps and glockenspiel chimes combine to endearing effect over the charming Black Hole (a soundtrack filler in waiting), while Ropes chugs along at a fair old pace with a rousing percussion and some lovely vocal layering. The chorus, too, is among the best on the album.

Know Your Place has a retro psychadelic vibe that comes in stark contrast to the choral intro on Goddam You (one of several deeply trippy/loopy moments), while The Axiom boasts another of the album’s standout harmonies and vocal trade-offs.

The inclusion of horns on Pay It Back tap into the band’s self-confessed Beatles admiration (a la Sgt Pepper), Open Up Your Eyes offers heartfelt romanticism and lush instrumentation, and former single Taking Drugs At The Amusement Park a lively indie-rock highlight that’s wilfully perverse lyrically and hopelessly catchy melodically (especially over its da da dah chorus).

Madame Shocking, meanwhile, ushers proceedings to a close to confirm that The Silent Years have genuinely delivered a rich, diverse and thoroughly rewarding listen.

Download picks: Taking Drugs At The Amusement Park, Out Into The Wild, On Your Way Home, Climb On My Back, Black Hole, Open Up Your Eyes, Madame Shocking, Ropes, Pay It Back

Track listing:

  1. Out Into The Wild
  2. On Our Way Home
  3. Climb On My Back
  4. Black Hole
  5. Ropes
  6. The Sun Is Alive
  7. Know Your Place
  8. Goddam You
  9. The World’s Worst Birthday Gift
  10. Ageing Gracefully
  11. The Axiom
  12. Pay It Back
  13. Open Up Your Eyes
  14. Taking Drugs At The Amusement Park
  15. Madame Shocking
  16. TV>BJ