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The Stupids - The Kids Don't Like It

The Stupids, The Kids Don't Like It

Review by Jack Foley

IndieLondon Rating: 1.5 out of 5

FORREST Gump once observed that “stupid is as stupid does”. It seems an appropriate turn of phrase for listening to the latest album from The Stupids.

The Kids Don’t Like It, their first new album in 21 years, is a brain-dead offering that bangs, crashes and wails all over the place. It’s comprised of 16 tracks that took over a year to complete. But it’s difficult to know how.

Most songs conform to the same skate punk thrash routine as the one before it, pausing only for band members to make casual observations in between each track.

But you can’t really pick out a decent moment. Efforts such as Melt Me just about distinguish themselves through having a little more variance in the guitar-work, while ‘acclaimed’ comeback single Feel The Suck boasts a chanty, shouty chorus that’s vaguely reminiscent of early, early Beastie Boys.

At most other moments, however, songs just mindlessly crash around while various band members contribute vocals and/or shouts. Sons Of The Beach, Hate Hate and Drumshop Arsehole are among the worst offenders.

But then, as if to deliberately confound expectation, they round off the LP with Shagga, a guitar-based offering that really does showcase an altogether more worthwhile side to the band.

It’s slow-building (by their standards), and even hints at early melody… and it’ll leave you wishing there had been more of it during the 15 tracks that have come before.

Like we said, “stupid is as stupid does”. Doubly so in the case of The Stupids. And you’d be stupid to waste too much patience on it.

Download picks: Shagga, Melt Me, Feel The Suck

Track listing:

  1. Malcolm Bitch
  2. Drumshop Arsehole
  3. I Was Sexually Harassed
  4. Remember Me Dismember You
  5. Feel The Suck
  6. Charlton Heston
  7. Beach Dick
  8. Middle Aged Punk
  9. It’s Not My Fault
  10. Melt Me
  11. Hate Hate
  12. God & Country
  13. Fragmented Interaction
  14. Zero
  15. Sons Of The Beach
  16. Shagga