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The Subways - Money And Celebrity

The Subways, Money And Celebrity

Review by Jack Foley

IndieLondon Rating: 3 out of 5

HAVING taken some time away The Subways return with third album Money And Celebrity and it sounds like they’ve never been away.

The Welwyn Garden City trio (Billy Lunn – guitar/vocals, Charlotte Cooper – bass/vocals and Josh Morgan – drums) have always been about doing things loud so it comes as little surprise to find this reactionary album delivering more of the same.

The tone and standard of what to expect is really established with current single We Don’t Need Money To Have A Good Time, a call to arms to cash-strapped Britain to find more ways to have fun without the green stuff. It’s a lively rocker, with punk elements, that recalls the way The Subways have always seemed to meld brash energy with crowd-pleasing melody-making.

But while this formula does give rise to several great moments – such as Kiss Kiss Bang Bang, Like I Love You and Rumour – it may also leave you pining for a little more variation.

Too often, tracks like Friday, Popdeath and even former single It’s A Party cling a little too rigidly to that same formula and find the album caught in a rut.

The one exception to this being the highly melodic I Wanna Dance With You, a clear album highlight that finds boy-girl vocals thriving throughout, and a playful sense of flirtation.

Final track Leave My Side also slows down the pace a little and plays up the melody, rounding things off well. But while it’s good overall to have The Subways back, it would have been nicer if the time away had seen them working on tossing in a few surprises.

As things stand, Money And Celebrity is only really an above average listen.

Download picks: I Wanna Dance With You, Leave My Side, We Don’t Need Money To Have A Good Time, Kiss Kiss Bang Bang

Track listing:

  1. It’s A Party
  2. We Don’t Need Money To Have A Good Time
  3. Celebrity
  4. I Wanna Dance With You
  5. Popdeath
  6. Like I Love You
  7. Money
  8. Kiss Kiss Bang Bang
  9. Down Our Street
  10. Rumour
  11. Friday
  12. Leave My Side