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The Super Happy Fun Club - All Funned Up (Review)

The Super Happy Fun Club, All Funned Up

Review by Jack Foley

IndieLondon Rating: 3.5 out of 5

“I HATE the f**king world” declares the lead singer of The Super Happy Fun Club over the opening moments of Who Drank My Beer… seriously jeopardising their claim to being super, happy and fun. But you quickly realise this is all part of the, well, fun.

This Chicago pop-punk act may not be bringing something particularly new to the genre, but they’re still capable of delivering a jolly time. Their songs are brisk, their lyrics display a lot of humour and there’s a catchy quality to a lot of what they deliver.

Hence, All Funned Up is every bit as fun as its name suggests. Move On, with its sharp guitar hooks and “woah woah” laden chorus is a pop-punk anthem in waiting, Enemy nicely combines shimmering piano hooks with an almost falsetto vocal that suggests the boys have been listening to Keane, Queen and The Feeling as much as they have Blink-182 and early Green Day. What’s more, once the guitars embellish the sound over the chorus, you’ll be singing “I’m not your enemy” in giddy unison.

Blinders is laden with clap-happy beats and a generally more pop vibe (ie, it’s radio-friendly and tailored for maximum summer fun), while my own personal favourite, Fine Distraction (LAX), is a breezy, piano-strewn pop-punk classic that dreams up the possibility of a three-some with two girls at LAX (one a Republican). It’s also got an anthemic chorus: “I hit rock bottom on Saturday morning and I kissed a Republican on Saturday night.”

Another highlight follows in the form of Good Year, which combines the punky guitar riffs with some quieter piano moments and yet another anthemic chorus, which explodes into celebratory life. You can bet this is a New Year’s Eve anthem in waiting, with hundreds of giddy revellers singing at the top of their voices: “It’s been a good year, pretty sure it’s been a good year.”

There’s a nod towards balladry with Angels Cry, an unashamedly cheesy moment (and probably the one track that’s not all that cool to like given its Robbie Williams-meets-Meatloaf tendencies). But the album ends on a head-rush high with Plus One to remind you of why it’s aptly named All Funned Up.

Yes, fun is guaranteed. It’s a blast.

Download picks: Who Drank My Beer, Enemy, Fine Distraction (LAX), Good Year

Track listing:

  1. Who Drank My Beer
  2. Move On
  3. Enemy
  4. Okay Okay
  5. Blinders
  6. Fine Distraction (LAX)
  7. Good Year
  8. Way Back (The Conflict)
  9. Angels Cry
  10. Plus One