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The View – Cheeky For A Reason (Review)

The View, Cheeky For A Reason

Review by Jack Foley

IndieLondon Rating: 4 out of 5

The fourth album from The View is aptly named given the band’s healthy knack for writing rollicking, sometimes cheeky, yet unexpectedly meaningful indie-rock anthems.

Ever since Same Jeans and Superstar Tradesman catapulted them into the limelight, Kyle Falconer and co have perfected the art of the effortlessly crowd-pleasing song… and that continues with this latest offering.

What’s more, this one comes with three songs co-written with writer/producer and unofficial fifth member of Kings of Leon Angelo Petraglia, which may explain why some of the guitar riffs bear comparison to some of that band’s work (but only slightly so).

Falconer himself describes the ensuing album as “Fleetwood Mac’s Rumours done by The Clash” and while that’s cheeky for all kinds of reasons, it’s only halfway true. The Clash part is there sonically at least.

The highlights this time around come in the form of robust album opener, How Long, which asks the question “how long has it been since you fell in love with a boy like me?” in ridiculously catchy, sing-along fashion. The melodies are tight, the lyrics fun and the vibe so feel-good that you’ll be flinging yourself around the living room, or a concert venue, in no time at all.

AB (We Need Treatment) maintains the momentum and riffs on past View song structures, both in terms of melodic structure and vocal layering. But while this could [and should] be described as lazy, it’s still head-noddingly good fun.

If anything, the differences between this and past albums are very subtle given that The View remain in their comfort zone throughout.

But slight departures come in the form of the lively Hold On Now, which is more like The Clash doing Oasis with a little ‘80s rock thrown in (by way of the electronic hook) and Anfield Row, which thrives on some more old school rock licks and sensibilities while dropping in melancholy lyrics about a relationship breakdown and a need to escape.

The Clock, meanwhile, opens with a cracking guitar solo and eases into a mature sound that is all about the passing of time as does Lean On My World with its Kings of Leon-esque hooks and fine sense of melody. Both songs represent further album highlights.

Tacky Tattoo, meanwhile, ends things on a melancholy, organ-led note with another mature lament about the emotional cost of an affair. It’s another strong indication that while Cheeky For A Reason doesn’t represent too radical a departure for them, The View are also progressing nicely.

It’s a really satisfying listen.

Download picks: How Long, Lean On My World, Hold On Now, Anfield Row, The Clock, Tacky Tattoo

Track listing:

  1. How Long
  2. AB (We Need Treatment)
  3. Hold On Now
  4. Anfield Row
  5. Bullet
  6. Bunker (Solid Ground)
  7. The Clock
  8. Piano Interlude
  9. Hole In The Bed
  10. Sour Little Sweetie
  11. Lean On My World
  12. Tacky Tattoo