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The Wave Pictures - Beer In The Breakers

The Wave Pictures, Beer in The Breakers

Review by Jack Foley

IndieLondon Rating: 3 out of 5

IF YOU have a hankering for some cracking guitar solos, then The Wave Pictures’ latest LP Beer In The Breakers offers plenty to savour.

The band have already acquired a fierce reputation on the UK live circuit thanks to Dave Tattersall’s blistering guitar work, which is equally at home pulling off breezy indie melodies as it is classic rock, or even classic blues solos.

Sadly, vocally is where the band sometimes struggle to measure up… a whiny sound not always doign Tattersall’s work justice (in our opinion). Lyrically, though, they’re also fun… highly descriptive, always playful and sometimes just plain obscure.

Hence, The Wave Pictures’ latest album is a consistently fascinating listen and one that is well worth checking out for the guitar connoisseurs among you.

Highlights, therefore, are the exemplary Walk The Back Stairs Quiet, which finds Tattersall at his mesmerising, bluesy best; Rain Down, which employs a Velvet Underground-y chugging two chord approach to display the band at their most melodic, as well as some great harmonica, and Blue Harbour, which kicks things off in nicely upbeat fashion (complete with the playful lyrics we mentioned).

These songs rate among our favourites but there are other moments that are similarly worthy of attention. Epping Forest, for instance, provides a further great platform for Tattersall’s guitar work, Little Surprise employs some of the cutest indie guitar licks on the LP, and Pale Thin Lips combines some cracking bass and guitar riffs over one of the more soulful offerings.

The Wave Pictures may not be perfect in every sense, but with Tattersall to power them they’re certainly worth checking out and Beer In The Breakers is well worth raising a pint too and toasting on that basis alone.

Download picks: Walk The Back Stairs Quiet, Blue Harbour, Rain Down, Little Surprise, Pale Thin Lips

Track listing:

  1. Blue Harbour
  2. Now Your Smile Comes Over In Your Voice
  3. Little Surprise
  4. Blink Back A Tear
  5. Walk The Back Stairs Quiet
  6. China Whale Brand
  7. Pale Thin Lips
  8. In Her Kitchen
  9. Two Lemons, One Lime
  10. Beer In The Breakers
  11. Rain Down
  12. Epping Forest