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The Wonder Stuff - Suspended By Stars

The Wonder Stuff, Suspended By Stars

Review by Jack Foley

IndieLondon Rating: 3 out of 5

THE Wonder Stuff continue to combine indie, rock, folk and pop on Suspended By Stars, a solid if unspectacular collection of work that will satisfy fans without winning friends in many more places.

The album was written by the whole band and is notable for featuring the presence of a new member – fiddle player, Erica Nockalls, who actually contributes to some of the best moments.

But while it’s accomplished enough and features a couple of great tracks, it just lacks something fresh and quickly disappears into the background.

Opening track Tricks of the Trade is lively enough, delivering a full-blown indie-rocker in pretty emphatic style and drawing on some catchy guitar riffs.

While there are some cracking melodies on Last Second Of The Minute, which engages from the outset and includes a catchy chorus.

Miles Hunt’s vocals are as edgy and raw as ever, delivered with the same sort of relish that has epitomised much of the band’s work.

And there’s an addictive quality to the slow-building We Hold Each Other Up, which introduces Nockalls’ fiddle playing for the first time to lend the track an epic, emotional quality.

But tracks like former single Blah Blah, Lad Di Dah offer pretty bog-standard variations on previous Wonder Stuff material, while the likes of Say It Aint So and The Popular Choice pass the time without really making you take notice.

That said, in tracks such as the fiddle-laden Angelica Maybe and the upbeat and melodic The Sun Goes Down On Manor Road, the Wonder Stuff deliver some songs that are worthy of their name – ie, wonderful.

It’s just a shame that there’s not more of them.

Suspended By Stars is being released on the 20th anniversary of the band forming. As such, fans will consider it an appropriate gift. The unconverted will continue to remain unconvinced.

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Track listing:

  1. Tricks Of The Trade
  2. Last Second Of The Minute
  3. We Hold Each Other Up
  4. Blah Blah Lah Di Dah
  5. Say It Ain’t So
  6. Angelica Maybe
  7. Sun Goes Down On Manor Road
  8. Long Time No See
  9. Popular Choice
  10. Give Us What We Want (And We’ll Go Away)
  11. Someone Tell Me What To Think
  12. No One Tells ‘Em Like You Do

  1. Listen to it again Jack. It grows on you.
    I know you must do little else but listen to new music but when someone takes a while to do their stuff maybe you should too?

    martin    Mar 12    #