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Thieves Like Us - Play Music

Thieves Like Us, Play Music

Review by Hedley Jackson

IndieLondon Rating: 1 out of 5

MINIMALIST and compact electronica from Thieves Like Us is presented as Play Music.

Program Of The First Part is a calm and restrained track with a raw feel, where the main focus is American lead singer’s vocals; which are often spoken and make the song sound like a poetry recital.

The band consider themselves pop and this is felt in Drugs In My Body, which has a distinct Daft Punk vibe. But the song is a bit ragged and sounds lazy in its delivery, with a very weak chorus.

Thieves Like Us are similar to Filthy Dukes, just without the energy. This type of disco-electro is better at a high tempo that they rarely reach. The vocals are the most interesting part of the songs and they aren’t delivered particularly well, often spoken or sung lethargically.

The band do what they want to do well, and some will be impressed by their music. It’s stripped back and feels as though it should be played at a chilled-out after-party. It leans in the direction of art-electro; in other words, if this music were a painting it would look great, unfortunately you can only listen to it.

Therefore, Play Music is a let-down and Thieves Like Us have not shown much ability with it. They sound like Pet Shop Boys but without buckets of the depth the distinguished artists have.

Download Picks: Drugs In My Body

Track Listing:

  1. Program Of The First Part
  2. Drugs In My Body
  3. Fass
  4. An Easy Tonight
  5. Lady
  6. Program Of The Second Part
  7. Your Heart Feels
  8. Miss You
  9. Desire
  10. Headlong Into Night
  11. Sugar And Song