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Trick Daddy - Back By Thug Demand

Trick Daddy, Back By Thug Demand

Review by Jack Foley

IndieLondon Rating: 1.5 out of 5

TRICK Daddy is another contemporary hip-hop artist who exists to sing about the gritty nature of life on the streets. His seventh album, Back By Thug Demand is loaded with references to street culture, from the thugs and pimps to the other low-lifes who populate it.

As with many hip-hop albums, it boasts several high-profile collaborations with the likes of Chamillionaire, Jaheim, Youngbuck and Skky, and its loaded with thumping bass-heavy beats and hard horns as well as the rapper’s trademark drawl.

It’s pretty safe to say that if you’ve been a fan of any previous Trick Daddy album, you’ll dig this. It’s tough, hard-hitting, doesn’t mince its words and as slickly produced as ever.

But sadly it’s also pretty symptomatic of the decline in mainstream hip-hop music, as exemplified by the likes of The Game, 50 Cent, Eminem and D-12. The grinding beats, hardcore urban style and “nigger”-laden lyrics are hopelessly generic and don’t bring anything new or fresh to the genre whatsoever, and serve to embrace rather than disgrace the gangsta culture.

Of the tracks worth mentioning, Bet That, featuring Chamillionaire, is an OK listen that’s built around some pretty noteworthy beats and rhythms, Born A Thug drops some nice flutes and a more cinematic backdrop, Tonight is the obligatory smooth groover that features both Jaheim and Trina (despite being overladen with references to pussy), and You Damn Right lightens things considerably with a generally more upbeat vibe.

Album closers Chevy, featuring Young Steff, and So High, with Trey Songz and 8Ball, round things off with a more soulful, old-skool party vibe that’s more in keeping with contemporary Snoop Dogg.

But by then, it’s fighting a bit of a lost cause. Back By Thug Demand is, like its name suggests, all about delivering the heavy-hitting urban anthems and it’s likely to leave listeners pretty punch drunk come the end of its 55-minute running time.

Download picks: Chevy, So High, Born A Thug, Bet That.

Track listing:

  1. Big Pookie Interview – Trick Daddy
  2. Breaka Breaka – Trick Daddy
  3. Straight Up – Trick Daddy & Young Buck
  4. Commentator – Trick Daddy
  5. Bet That – Trick Daddy & Chamillionaire/Goldrush
  6. 10 20 Life – Trick Daddy
  7. Tuck Ya Ice – Trick Daddy & Baby
  8. Booty Doo – Trick Daddy & Webbie/International Jones
  9. Born A Thug – Trick Daddy
  10. TDD – Trick Daddy
  11. Lights Off – Trick Daddy & International Jones
  12. Tonight – Trick Daddy & Jaheim/Trina
  13. You Damn Right – Trick Daddy & The Dunk Ryders/SKKY
  14. Chevy – Trick Daddy & Young Steff
  15. So High – Trick Daddy & Trey Songz/8 Ball