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Turnmills closure to be marked by Chemical Brothers and Fatboy Slim

Chemical Brothers

Story by Jack Foley

THE Chemical Brothers, Fatboy Slim and Judge Jules are to perform on the last three nights of London’s famous Turnmills club before it closes for good in March.

The high-profile performers will perform across three nights – on March 21, 22 and 23 – to mark the passing of the popular nightspot, which is being closed to allow the site to be redeveloped by the landlord who owns it.

Judge Jules takes to the decks on March 21, with support from Tall Paul, Seb Fontaine and Sister Bliss, while Fatboy Slim and The Chemical Brothers will headline on March 22, with support from Dan Kahuna & Jon Kahuna and John Kennedy.

It’s left to Frankie Knuckles and Danny Rampling to wrap things up on March 23 for the final club night in the venue’s history.

The full line-up for the three nights is:

March 21:
Judge Jules
Tall Paul
Seb Fontaine
Sister Bliss
Steve Lee
Gavyn Mytchel
Alex Anderson
Brandon Block
Alex P
Lisa Loud
Daniele Davoli
Tania von Pear
Yves de Reuyter
Corvin Dalek
John Askew
Red Jerry
Darren Christian
The Viceroy

March 22:
The Chemical Brothers
Fatboy Slim
Justin Robertson
James Holroyd
Nathan Detroit
Sean Rowley
Dan Kahuna & Jon Kahuna
Anil Chawla
John Kennedy
Streetlife DJs
Paul Stix/Kelly Rush
Ed Coward/Nikolas Esselle
Carson Gardiner
Dave Earnshaw

March 23:
Frankie Knuckles
Danny Rampling
CJ Mackintosh
Ricky Morrison
Danny Newman
Ashley Beedle
Terry Farley
Pete Heller

Turnmills is located at 63B Clerkenwell Road, London, EC1M 5NP. You can post a farewell message to the venue by visiting the website

  1. Farewell Turnmills – so many happy memories and fantastic nights! Thank you to all the DJ’s that made those Gallery nights so great & thank you to all the staff! I always loved Turnmills so much character! That main room sound so great! Its a hell of a shame that is gone. Turnmills will always have a special place in my heart. Although the Gallery will not be the same without Turnmills i will be going to see the fantastic DJ’s @ MOS to continue those fantastic nights and to begin a new era. x x x x x”

    Rachel    Mar 17    #