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Twenty Twenty – Small Talk

Twenty Twenty, Small Talk

Review by Jack Foley

IndieLondon Rating: 3 out of 5

EIGHT track mini-album Small Talk is designed to satiate fans of Twenty Twenty ahead of the release of their full-length debut album in the autumn. It also delivers a taster of what to expect from the UK’s latest boy band.

And the results are by no means as bad as you might have feared from a boy band outfit! Rather, Sam Halliday and co have brought a catchy, occasionally gritty edge to what is, otherwise, a pretty formulaic rock-pop production.

Recent single and album opener Love To Life is a case in point… a bouncy crowd-pleaser that’s packed with “oooh oooh” chants, a euphoric chorus and rock/electronic elements that are shamefully manipulative. But there’s also a slight edge that reminded me of some of their US contemporaries… more so than early McFly.

This formula is followed with the heavy riff intro of Get Down, which once again balances pop sensibilities with something a little more mature (in spite of a generic chorus). It’s hardly surprising, therefore, to find that Twenty Twenty managed to wing their way into Kerrang!’s affections with that single.

They also balance the upbeat and vibrant with the more low-key and ballad-esque well, too… avoiding the temptation to become too cheesy. Admittedly, their lyrics lean more towards teen appeal and the same kind of fan-base that helped McFly get started.

But on moments like Girl Next Door, they mix soppy piano chords and smitten lyrics with a punchy chorus that brings in some guitar and a much catchier quality.

And on Jamie’s Girl, they belt out another rock-pop summer anthem in waiting that blatantly sound-checks Jessie’s Girl – albeit in a fun, knowing way.

They also seem to prefer to keep things more upbeat and rock-pop than just pure pop, throwing in some sharper guitar work than is more commonly associated from a boy band – Burning Up providing another example of a pop song that also rocks.

And there’s even the obligatory strings-based track on The Puppeteer, one of a couple of moments where they get to demonstrate a maturity beyond their years (and, therefore, optimism for their future).

Hence, while Small Talk won’t blow you away, it’s a solid enough offering that deserves to find its success, while paving the way for a very busy autumn for them.

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Download picks: Girl Next Door, The Puppeteer, Jamie’s Girl

Track listing:

  1. Love To Life
  2. Get Down
  3. Girl Next Door
  4. Burning Up
  5. The Puppeteer
  6. Superwoman
  7. Jamie’s Girl
  8. Love’s A Freak

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