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Twin Atlantic - Vivarium

Twin Atlantic, Vivarium

Review by Jack Foley

IndieLondon Rating: 3 out of 5

IT’S hard not to predict that Twin Atlantic will be the next Idlewild. The two band’s share a lot in common if the former’s mini-album Vivarium is anything to judge by.

Packed with enormous sweeping riffs and impassioned vocals dripping with Scottish vowels, Vivarium owes a lot in style to Idlewild’s early, raw style… not to mention a touch of Placebo as well.

Alas, their mini-album could do with just a little more diversity to really stand out. There are some good, stirring moments but Twin Atlantic need to do a little bit more to really convince us they have what it takes to really become massive.

Former download-single Lightspeed kicks things off in rousing, fun fashion and includes one of the strongest choruses in their arsenal.

While recent single You’re Turning Into John Wayne and its anti-American sentiments effectively displays the fire in Sam McTrusty’s vocals and the non-conformity that’s rife within their songwriting. Likewise, the even louder Caribbean War Syndrome.

But while such songs are good in small doses, they become a little too overbearing and similar even within the confines of this eight-track mini-LP. There’s just not enough to differentiate between a lot of the songs (or rants).

The real picks come in the form of the more melodic What Is Light? Where Is Laughter, which contains one of the best guitar riffs on the LP and a keen sense of verse, and Better Weather, which rounds things off with a refreshingly slow-building effort that leaves you pining for more of that kind of thing.

Don’t get me wrong, Twin Atlantic have bags of potential – just as a young Idlewild did (and which has been fully realised) – but they just need to mix it up a little more.

At their best, they’re a very good listen. But they’re too often on auto-pilot over the course of this taster mini-LP.

Download picks: Light Speed, Better Weather, What Is Light? Where Is Laughter?

Track listing:

  1. Light Speed
  2. Old Grey Face
  3. You’re Turning Into John Wayne
  4. Caribbean War Syndrome
  5. What Is Light? Where Is Laughter?
  6. Human After All
  7. Audience And Audio
  8. Better Weather

  1. This is a really bad review of an amazing mini-album. I urge anyone to go out and buy this release because it isn’t just a ‘good listen,’ it is a brilliant slap in the face of conventional music. See for yourself how inspiring this album is.

    Dennis    Sep 23    #
  2. This is a terrible review:

    “Lightspeed kicks things off in rousing, fun fashion and includes one of the strongest choruses in their arsenal.”

    Lightspeed has probably got the weakest chorus on the album…
    Old Grey Face has fantastic Rage Against the Machine influence..
    Audience and Audio is on of the greatest live songs ever made!

    See this band live.
    I have 11 times and i’ll probably see them 11 more times.

    ps. listen to their first EP “A Guidance From Colour” It’s incredible.

    Angus    Sep 28    #