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U2 break Wembley attendance record


Story by Jack Foley

U2 HAVE broken the record for the number of fans attending London’s Wembley stadium, it has been confirmed.

The Irish rockers, fronted by Bono, played the capital on Friday (August 14, 2009) and Saturday (August 15) and posted the record on the first night.

According to concert organisers, 88,000 people descended on the recently revamped venue – 5,000 more than the previous record set by Rod Stewart at the old Wembley stadium in 1995.

The band were able to complete the record thanks to the ingenuity of their 360 world tour stage, which enabled fans to surround the stage rather than stand in front of it.

Comprised of three elaborate claw-shaped steel structures, the mammoth set is believed to have cost between $24 million (£15 million) and $32 million (£20 million). It has attracted criticism from some quarters, who question the band’s commitment to the environment.

But The Edge has since defended the band’s green credentials in an interview with the BBC, while U2’s tour architect Mark Fisher has also announced plans to turn the stage sets into stand alone concert venues.

Fisher told the BBC: “Part of the tour will finish in Australia and another part of the tour will finish in South America, where people could use a nice concert pavilion in a park, which has an ability to take 200 tonnes of kit hanging under it. It’s a fairly useful thing.”

Deflecting criticism of the band’s carbon footprint to BBC 6 Music, meanwhile, guitarist The Edge said: “I think anybody that’s touring is going to have a carbon footprint…. And I think it’s probably unfair to single out rock ‘n’ roll.

“There’s many other things that are in the same category but as it happens we have a programme to offset whatever carbon footprint we have.”

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  1. They may have broken the record for attendance figures, but I was sitting behind the stage and couldnt see the band – only from behind! I paid £85 for the ticket and feel really ripped off.

    Anne    Aug 17    #
  2. you should have got a GA then!

    sarah b    Aug 17    #
  3. Well I was by the stage and I got my money's worth. U2 were awesome!

    Carl    Aug 17    #