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Valentiine - Valentiine (Review)

Valentiine LP

Review by Jack Foley

IndieLondon Rating: 3.5 out of 5

THREE girl Australian grunge rockers Valentiine are hard not to resist in some way, particularly if you got a kick out of the ’90s Seattle scene or acts like L7.

Their eponymous debut album aims to reincarnate the heavy ’90s into something beautiful… dirty pop hooks drowned in the honesty of screaming vocals with seething cheerleader harmonies over the top.

Sometimes, the heaviness becomes a little droning and the songs a bit too generic. But when they get it right, this Melbourne trio are a blast.

Album opener Love Like sets things up well, offering up a slick combination of raw vocals and garage rock riffs that displays plenty of passion and fire. The mid-track breakdown even has a hint of the grunge about it (a la Nirvana), exploding to life for an emphatic finale. It’s volatile stuff but radio friendly too.

The Nirvana comparison is particularly pertinent on another track too, Hates Me, which has a Rape Me vibe, as well as Puddle of Mud’s similarly entitled She Hates Me. But while derivative, it’s no less good.

Another cracker is former single (and one of our past records of the week) Chucky, which quite possibly drops the most disarmingly catchy chorus on the LP, offering up lyrics like “I feel like God on the bathroom floor” before adding: “Oh please don’t touch me, I’ll be sick in your face.” It’s a proper hangover anthem.

Birthday, on the other hand, offers a lower key lament about a girl who cried on her big day, When You Want nicely combines heavy elements with a haze-strewn melody and Animal drops a fiery, crowd-pleasing beast of a track that is another catchy highlight.

Admittedly, the sound doesn’t deviate too much from the signature blend of grungy riffs and ’90s homage paying. But if you miss that sound, or even missed out on hearing it the first time around, then we suggest you check Valentiine out. They’re a class act.

Download picks: Love Like, Chucky, Birthday, Hates Me, Animal

Track listing:

  1. Love Like
  2. Chucky
  3. Birthday
  4. Finch
  5. When You Want
  6. Hates Me
  7. Never Forget You
  8. Animal
  9. Better For Me
  10. Kick It
  11. Today’s Tomorrow