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Vanessa Amorosi - The IndieLondon interview

Vanessa Amorosi

Interview by Rob Carnevale

Australian solo star Vanessa Amorosi will be releasing her debut UK single, This Is Who I Am, on July 19. A multi-million seller in her native Australia, Amorosi’s first UK single release is a statement song – a rock tinged, heavy guitar pop monster which oozes confidence and positivity.

It will be followed [on July 26] by her debut UK album, Hazardous. She talks exclusivey to IndieLondon about the new material, coming to the UK, her success in Australia, her charity work and some of her fondest memories of her career to date.

Q. It’s good to have you in the UK finally! Are you excited to be bringing your music here?
Vanessa Amorosi: Yeah! I’m really excited, it’s been a while since I have been over here, so I’m so glad I’m here now.

Q. What can we expect from the forthcoming album, Hazardous? What are the themes that inspired it?
Vanessa Amorosi: The album is just that – Hazardous, he he. I wrote about life, I really drew on my own life experiences in writing this album. It’s about drugs, betrayal, sex and rock n roll!

Q. Likewise, the single This Is Who I Am… it’s a very confident and empowering track for all sorts of reasons. What made you want to write it?
Vanessa Amorosi: I wanted to write a song about where I’m at, that I have accepted where I have come to and I wanted my fans to be able to connect to it too. I want them to stand proud!

Q. Is that pressure to always look your best and be in shape something that you’ve particularly felt affected by during the course of your career, which began at such a young age?
Vanessa Amorosi: At a young age I think I felt the pressure more. Now I do things to make me happy. I keep fit and eat well because I want to. Because I want to be healthy.

Q. Conversely, is a song like Off On My Kiss as fun to write as it is to hear? And what inspired that raunchy little number?
Vanessa Amorosi: It’s about having chemistry without even speaking to someone. That strong mysterious chemistry, an amazing feeling.

Q. You’re able to delve into a lot of musical genres – from pop to rock via blues, jazz and gospel – so which do you prefer? And what gives you the most pleasure to perform?
Vanessa Amorosi: Touring and performing is the best part of my job. I love it. I guess I like pop and rock. Really getting into a powerful stage performane, running around like crazy on the stage.

Q. When did you first decide you wanted to pursue music as a career? And how easy was it to achieve those goals?
Vanessa Amorosi: I started working in music very young, I was raised by a family of musicians and performers, so I guess it was more second nature than making an actual decision.

Q. When did you first discover you could hit notes above E6? And how do you train your voice to achieve such highs and lows (such as B2s)?
Vanessa Amorosi: I first discovered I could hit notes when I was a kid performing at a Russian restaurant. I never did formal lessons, I learnt all I know through my family and my environment.

Q. What inspired the song Mr Mysterious?
Vanessa Amorosi: A guy that I fell madly in love with, he was really reserved, I guess he was Mr Mysterious.

Vanessa Amorosi

Q. Does the success of your career, and globe-trotting nature of it, mean that you have less time to devote to your charity work in Australia? How is your charity work progressing at the moment?
Vanessa Amorosi: It is hard to do much when your on the other side of the globe. I have been in the UK for a few months and I spend quite a bit of time in LA, but when Im in Australia I try to do what I can. I do some work with Kids Helpline, they offer a great service and an ear to kids, I think they are wonderful.

Q. What do you love most about Australia?
Vanessa Amorosi: It’s home. I love it, the beautiful wide open spaces. Love the city as well though.

Q. Who inspires you musically? And are you a fan of Kylie Minogue – what do you think of her comeback album?
Vanessa Amorosi: I am inspired by loads of different artists, I love old school ’70s rock with heavy guitar riffs, I love new dance and techno tracks. Definitely a fan of Kylie!

Q. What’s the greatest piece of advice you’ve been given and the biggest lesson you’ve learned in getting to this point?
Vanessa Amorosi: My mum always said if it isn’t hurting you aren’t working hard enough. I guess my mantra is you have to work really hard if you want something. You have to be committed to hard work and persistence even when it gets tough.

Q. Are there any songs you’d like to cover?
Vanessa Amorosi: I would love to cover Ike & Tina’s Jumpin’ Jack Flash.

Q. What are some of your favourite live memories? You’ve attended some prestigious sporting events and supported some great names…
Vanessa Amorosi: I toured Australia with Rob Thomas earlier this year. It was an absolute blast. He was a great guy to tour with. We played some huge outdoor events.

Q. Finally, what are the 10 tracks that are never far from your iPod players at the moment?
Vanessa Amorosi: Janis Joplin, anything by The Stones, AC/DC, Showtek, and Pitbull.

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