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Vittorio Grigolo - In The Hands of Love

Vittorio Grigolo, In The Hands of Love

Review by Jack Foley

IndieLondon Rating: 3.5 out of 5

With his smooth good looks and his passionate vocal style, Italian opera sensation Vittorio Grigolo has been described as ‘the heir to Pavarotti’ by Classic FM magazine and is currently sitting at the top of the Amazon pre-order list thanks to his ability to mix opera with popular culture.

His debut single, Bedshaped (Cosi) is a very clever cover version of the Keane classic which remains one of the very best ballads of the moment. Delivered in Italian, using the tenor’s classical style, it is transformed into a rousing, even more passionate record that should make young lovers everywhere swoon.

Releasing such a popular record is a very clever move for Vittorio as he looks to amass a wider following for both himself as an artist, and for classical music in general.

It has that crossover ability that so many artists crave and is done in the right way so as not to appear cheesy or a mere cash-in. It also, most crucially, proves that the hype surrounding ‘Il Pavarottino’ is fully justified, for no matter what you may think of the classic style, this boy is talented.

Bedshaped (Cosi) is taken from the debut album, In The Hands of Love, a 14-track long-player that successfully combines the rich emotion of opera with the immediacy of pop.

It includes nine original compositions that could easily be classics in their own right, including the stirring Tu Sei, which means that Vittorio is equally capable of delivering the goods with his own material.

Some of his cover versions are deliberately cheesy – such as his take on Daniel Bedingfield’s If You’re Not The One – but he gets away with it mostly because there is something about the Italian language, in general, that can transform the mundane into something quite magical.

And his voice is just as effective an instrument as the music itself, given that the inclusion of sweeping piano and cheesy saxophone/trumpet feels a little too poppy for its own good at times.

Other tracks to look out for include his cover of Stevie Wonder’s All In Love Is Fair and his duet with Katherine Jenkins, Il Mio Miracolo, which is sure to bring many of her fans to his voice.

One major niggle is that Vittorio hasn’t chosen to include some more rousing numbers to break up the ballads, given that his vocals suggest they might soar with the benefit of some livelier material. But given his looks, I guess he is attempting to seduce with his romantic style at the moment and seems content to go for the emotional heartbreakers rather than the feel-good anthems.

For those that want to know more about the tenor, Vittorio was born in Rome and began to sing with the Sistine Chapel Choir when he was just nine-years-old. A couple of years later, he was invited to sing Tosca with Pavarotti and was then dubbed “Il Pavarottino” by the Italian press.

He then joined the Vienna opera company and, at 23, Vittorio became the youngest Italian tenor ever to sing at Milan’s La Scala.

After flirting with a career in motor racing, he returned to opera and now, for the first time, Vittorio’s voice can be heard on record. Expect to be hearing plenty more from him in the future.

Album sampler

Track listing:

  1. Tu Sei
  2. Il Mio Miracolo
  3. Bedshaped (Cosi)
  4. Magia De Amor
  5. In The Hands Of Love
  6. All In Love Is Fair (Se L’Amore C’e)
  7. Fuerte
  8. Se Tu Non Sei Lei
  9. Querida
  10. Listen To The Bell (Chi Ci Ascoltera)
  11. Roma Sogna
  12. Butterfly Forever
  13. You Are My Miracle
  14. Maria

  1. Great album. I have to give it 10 out of 10. A must have.

    Caroline Green    Mar 28    #