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Wallis Bird - Spoons

Wallis Bird, Spoons

Review by Jack Foley

IndieLondon Rating: 4 out of 5

DOES the world really need another female singer-songwriter in the style of Joni Mitchell or Sia Furler? In the case of Wallis Bird, the answer is “yes”.

A 24-year-old artist from Ireland, Bird has already become an iTunes sensation having shot to No.4 with her debut album, Spoons. Now that it’s available physically in record stores, there really is no excuse for missing out!

Bird’s success is all the more deserved given her painful back story. At an early age, she severed all the fingers of her left hand following a lawnmower accident – but has emerged as a precociously talented self-taught guitarist in spite of that setback.

And her ability to conjure a carefree, happy go lucky melody is evident from the outset, thanks to opening track Counting To Sleep, which immediately sets the standard for what’s to follow.

Further highlights come in the form of the whimsical 6 Ft 8, which is underpinned by a playful guitar loop and the opening line “feels like I’m sleeping in someone else’s bed”! The brass accompaniment is a nice touch that adds an endearingly quirky quality.

Likewise, Country Bumpkin, which almost steels the brass section from a classic Jungle Book cut, before unfolding as a gutsy, feel-good slice of folk inflicted grunge rock.

Former single Blossoms In The Street is another highlight, during which the Edie Brickell and Joni Mitchell influences shine through.

And The Circle features some wonderfully intricate acoustic layering that lend it a warm, affectionate glow that works perfectly in keeping with Bird’s lush vocals.

You Are Mine finds Bird at her most stripped back and vulnerable, and is completely disarming, while Moodsets contains a dusky, jazzy style that’s reminiscent of the heartbreak quality of Sia Furler’s vocals (Zero 7 style).

But there’s barely a bad track on the album, right through to the epic album closer Bring Me Wine, which really ought to guarantee that Bird becomes the new toast of the talented singer-songwriter set.

Spoons is an excellent debut that comes highly recommended.

Download picks: Counting To Sleep, 6 ft 8, The Circle, Blossoms In The Street, Country Bumpkin, Bring Me Wine, You Are Mine

Track listing:

  1. Counting To Sleep
  2. 6ft 8
  3. Slow Down
  4. Circle
  5. Blossoms In The Street
  6. You Are Mine
  7. Moodsets
  8. Country Bumpkin
  9. Just Keep Going
  10. All For You
  11. Bring Me Wine