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We Are Scientists explain "Goal! England" inspiration

Story by Jack Foley

WE Are Scientists have been explaining the inspiration behind their surprise England World Cup hit, Goal! England.

The boys – Christopher Cain, Keith Murray and Andy Burrows – dropped into London’s Maida Vale studios last week to record a session for Zane Lowe’s Radio 1 Show, when – unknown to the DJ – they came up with what is fast becoming the most popular contestant for ‘England’s Official World Cup Anthem’.

Facebook petitions sprung up to make Goal! England the official world cup anthem, Radio 1 are playing it in daytime shows, having vowed to play it on each of England’s match days, and the UK in general are going crazy for the song.

So, the band did what any band would do in this situation – they returned to the studio and recorded an extended edit of the song – this is 2 minutes, 43 seconds of motivational power chords, and chant-able choruses!

Goal! England is now available from the official website

And commenting on the inspiration behind the track, Chris said: “People ask why we didn’t record a football anthem for America. When you want to give your girlfriend a great gift, you give her something you know she wants, not something you want.

“We’ve never been huge football guys, but we’re pretty big England guys, and we know her well enough to know she loves her a football anthem. So we made her one.”

In other news, We Are Scientists release their second single Nice Guys this week, from their forthcoming new album Barbara, available in shops from June 14.