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Wet Wet Wet - Timeless

Wet Wet Wet, Timeless

Review by Jack Foley

IndieLondon Rating: 2.5 out of 5

TIMELESS is described as an updated twist on the classic Wet Wet Wet formula of melody, harmony and lyric that sets lead singer Marti Pellow’s voice against a combination of lush guitar chords and the symphonic depth of an orchestra.

But aside from the occasional track to admire, it’s pretty much standard stuff from the band – sentimental, radio-friendly and not very risk-taking.

Things get off to a pretty decent start with the upbeat rock of Run, which fleetingly suggests a bolder new direction, but second track Thru’ The Night layers on the sentiment along with the strings and doesn’t feel that much of a removal from their Love Is All Around material.

Pellow’s vocals no doubt have a reassuring quality to anyone who has followed their career and there’s a certain warmth in lyrics such as “I need someone like you to help me through the night”. But the melodies feel a little too manipulative and a little too formulaic.

The same can be said for songs like Weightless and recent single Too Many People – the latter, especially, feeling borrowed from the likes of Simply Red and George Michael (and not in a good way).

There are exceptions, of course. Eyes Wide Open has a much grander feel that combines elements of classicism with a cinematic sprawl – and it’s one of a couple of moments where the presence of the orchestra really pays off. The chorus, in particular, is inspiring.

And the fuller, orchestral sound extends to In Every Heart (A Fire Burns) that once again succeeds in stretching Pellow’s vocals into interesting new directions.

New Age Sacrifice is also a decent record, trading well on the balance of piano-based melodies and soaring strings.

But alas, there’s simply not enough to really elevate the album above the ordinary and the result is something that continually flatters to deceive. Die-hard fans will lap up the sweetness and romanticism, but there’s a nagging sense that this has failed to realise its potential.

Download picks: Run, Eyes Wide Open, In Every Heart, New Age Sacrifice

Track listing:

  1. Run
  2. Thru’ The Night
  3. Weightless
  4. Real Life
  5. Eyes Wide Open
  6. In Every Heart (A Fire Burns)
  7. Too Many People
  8. I Believe
  9. Heaven
  10. New Age Sacrifice
  11. What Do You Know

  1. It may not be their best album but gems such as ‘Eyes wide open’ and ‘Weightless’ are hard to find around nowadays. A very good album.

    Lorna Debattista    Nov 19    #
  2. Disagree, I know the wets are not everyone’s taste, but Jack F says himself that at least 4 tracks are good and to me that seems to be the case with most albums these days, not all tracks are great like they once where and my fave tracks are different to his, so to put it in a nutshell I’d say this is the first album I have enjoyed in a while, can’t wait for the next one.

    Alison in Wigan    Nov 19    #
  3. Yet another deluded reviewer. This album is simply beautiful, and after seeing them perform Weightless, Run and Too Many People Live, I am jubilant in the return of band, and god knows with the shambolic state of some of todays so called stars, the world is a far better place with the boys back and ready to go

    Angela, Preston    Dec 8    #