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What Kate Nash did next... the sophomore session!

Kate Nash

Story by Jack Foley

KATE Nash has been shedding some light on what she’s been doing in the ‘gap’ year she’s been taking between her debut and sophomore.

The award-winning singer made the revelations while confirming the tracklisting for her keenly-anticipated second LP which, although as yet untitled, will be released on Fiction Records on Monday, April 19, 2010.

First of all, she readily admits that after the tremendous success and fun she had during 2007 with her debut Made of Bricks, she needed to take time out. And so in her ‘gap year’, Kate kept herself busy doing “normal things”.

As well as finding her first flat, learning to drive and looking after her pet rabbit Fluffy, Kate learned to play drums and also made time to focus on all the music she’d always loved and connected with.

She found time to develop her taste and crucially she tapped into an already fully grown sense of responsibility. She became a founder member of The Featured Artists Coalition, a body set up to watch over the rights of musicians.

Wanting to do something honest with her earnings Kate began a foundation for struggling artists which she called, ‘Have 10p’.

The idea was to enable people with artistic aspirations to have the funding and thereby the means to create something rather than struggling in day jobs.

Finally, Kate also became a patron and mentor at a young women’s shelter in Harrow called The Wish Centre; discovering that the shelter received no funding and the most they’d ever been given was £40, Kate mobilised her musician friends (Billy Bragg, Edwyn Collins, her side project The Receeders – for whom she plays bass) and threw a charity gig for The Wish Centre raising more than 100 times that amount on the night.

So as with most people’s experiences on their gap year, all of this went on to inform and shape what Kate did next and Kate’s album is inevitably all about growing up, taking responsibility for yourself and your actions, being a human and standing up to right the world’s wrongs… and of course falling in love.

The first single from the album will be Do Wah Doo, and will be released on Monday, April 12, 2010.

To whet the appetite, however, a free download, also with a title (I Just Love You More), is available to download for free NOW at

The track listing on the new LP, meanwhile, is as follows…

Track listing:

  1. You’ll Never Listen
  2. Kiss That Girl
  3. Don’t You Want To Share The Guilt?
  4. I Just Love You More
  5. Do Wah Doo
  6. Higher Plane
  7. I’ve Got A Secret
  8. Oh Jay
  9. Later On
  10. Pickpocket
  11. You Were So Far Away
  12. I Hate Seagulls