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White Belt Yellow Tag - Methods

White Belt Yellow Tag, Methods

Review by Jack Foley

IndieLondon Rating: 4 out of 5

WHITE Belt Yellow Tag are the kind of band who seem certain to break big in spite of their somewhat cumbersome name.

The three-piece, made up of Justin Lockey, (ex Yourcodenameis:Milo), Craig Pilbin and Tom Bellamy, specialise in wide-screen and far-reaching indie-rock and pop and boast a sound that ranges from the slow grind of Slint to the euphoria of Doves to the icy grandeur of prime-time Bunnymen and the crowd-pleasing falsetto laced pop of Coldplay.

Most songs on debut LP Methods scream out quality… and almost all have an instant appeal.

Moments such as It’s A Long Way, Don’t You Fall Behind have a Coldplay-esque grandeur that reverberate with easy appeal and high quality – it’s an easy pick for a crowd favourite in live form.

Conversely, there’s the slow-building charm of Where Echoes Land…, which begin as evocatively as an Aqualung offering, before layering on the glockenspiel beats and power riffs a la Snow Patrol. It’s stirring stuff.

Former single Always And Echoes is another favourite… a catchy hyrbid of Bunnymen and Editors that broods, sweeps and effortlessly impresses. The chorus is particularly great, building from the refrain “some things will never change, don’t waste your life away”.

Album opener, Remains, meanwhile gets things off to a promising start… emphatic vocals, pounding drums, insistent riffs and a strong chorus. It’s clear this band means business, especially when hooking things up to hit some head-rush moments.

The wall of sound that is We All Have Sound builds from a tremendous Pounding-esque backbeat to emerge as one of the LP’s great epic moments – but it’s also a track that’s prepared to wrongfoot, beginning at a heightened tempo before occasionally stripping things completely back at various points.

Same Clothes, Same Life escapes one of the more indifferent build-ups to end really emphatically, with a reverb heavy chorus perfectly complimenting the falsetto highs of the vocals, and Careless Talk And Sinking Ships ends things on an epic, slow-build high to genuinely confirm that White Belt Yellow Tag are, indeed, a great new band.

Download picks: It’s A Long Way, Don’t You Fall Behind, Where Echoes Land…, Always And Echoes, Careless Talk And Sinking Ships

Track listing:

  1. Remains
  2. Tell Your Friends (It All Worked Out)
  3. You’re Not Invincible
  4. It’s A Long Way, Don’t You Fall Behind
  5. Where Echoes Land…
  6. Always And Echoes
  7. So Try My Enemies
  8. We All Gave Sound
  9. News
  10. Ode
  11. Same Clothes, Same Life
  12. Careless Talk And Sinking Ships