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White Light Parade - House of Commons

White Light Parade

Review by Jack Foley

IndieLondon Rating: 3 out of 5

BRADFORD’S White Light Parade unleash their debut album House of Commons in suitably gutsy fashion, by delivering the type of LP that should appeal to fans of both classic punk and stadium-filling rock.

By their own admission, the album encompasses the snarling three-chord anger of the Pistols, the anthemic choruses of Oasis and the vintage melodies of The Kinks… not to mention elements of The Clash in the vocals.

The songs, meanwhile, chronicle feelings of urban disillusionment, anger and frustration and are typically brash in delivery.

But while certainly fired up and nicely confrontational, White Light Parade aren’t entirely successful. A lot of their songs emerge as repetitive, while the influences occasionally overshadow any real sense of the band’s own identity.

Tracks like recent single Wake Up certainly showcase the best that they have to offer – combining the laddy swagger of Oasis in their prime with catchy, melody-strewn and distinctly sing-along choruses. It’s an anthem in waiting that has easily found its place on the Xfm playlist.

Likewise, album opener Burn It Down is full of raw guitar power and shouty vocals, not to mention the odd “la la la”… but the sense of repetism that’s already been mentioned has already begun to creep in. They don’t make their points lightly, preferring to ram home the point.

Evidence of the band at their most Clash-like, meanwhile, is rife throughout Humdrum, while the angular guitar sound that accompanies the frenzied assault of Riot In The City is a little too familiar for its own good… and none too impressive.

Tracks like Wait For The Weekend and We Start Fires appeal by virtue of a more radio-friendly focus and the former, in particular, displays a more appealing melodic side to the band.

But you suspect they’re at their happiest when belting out the punk-rock stadium fillers and while their guitar work is accomplished, it’s not really bringing anything too new to the genre.

In fits and starts, House of Commons delivers some pretty impressive goods. But it’s very much an album that appeals in small doses while giving rise to the suspicion that White Light Parade are capable of delivering much more.

Download picks: Surrender, Wake Up, Wait For The Weekend

Track listing:

  1. Burn it Down
  2. Humdrum
  3. Wake Up
  4. Riot In The City
  5. Wait For The Weekend
  6. Shotgun
  7. We Start Fires
  8. Surrender
  9. Losing Control
  10. Young Believers
  11. Heroes And Foes