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Wilkinson - Lazers Not Included (Review)

Wilkinson, Lazers Not Included

Review by Jack Foley

IndieLondon Rating: 1 out of 5

WILKINSON has rapidly become a major player in the drum ‘n’ bass movement thanks to hits Heartbeat and Afterglow but unlike crossover artists such as Chase N Status, there’s not much here to appeal beyond genre enthusiasts.

In fact, Lazers Not Included is a monotonous listen that doesn’t contain much variation or inspiration.

The beats are aggressive, the electronics largely unsatisfying and there’s no real presence from any of the collaborators.

That said, opening effort Need To Know does offer some kind of hope that’s never realised early on, with Iman delivering a gutsy central vocal and some interesting beat combinations. But once the track hits its stride with a surging electronic pulse and repetitive drum ‘n’ bass loops, it doesn’t really offer enough to excite.

Former single Heartbeat opens in atmospheric fashion with an air-raid siren-like sound effect and a vocal combination between P Money and Arlissa but, again, the template seems to be to employ a sassy set of female (and shouted) vocals over pounding beats and warped synths. On this occasion, there’s an urban rap underpinning things too – but that’s equally unappealing.

Another former single, Afterglow unfolds amid some decent piano arrangements and has to rate as the closest thing the LP gets to a highlight. But the pianos are too easily discarded in favour of a more bog-standard drum ‘n’ bass beat structure, with those sassy female vocals once more the focus.

And if this represents the LP at its most accessible, then moments such as Take You Higher (which batters you repetitively with the same vocals), Like It Hard (with its supposed sexy edge), Tonight and Redemption (with its onerous beat arrangements and dirty electronics) represent the album at its absolute worst.

All told, there’s not really a great deal to like whatsoever.

Download picks: Afterglow

Track listing:

  1. Need To Know feat. Iman
  2. Hearbeat feat. P Money & Arlissa
  3. Afterglow feat. Becky Hill
  4. Take You Higher
  5. Heatwave feat. Kay Flay
  6. Too Close feat. Detour City
  7. Like It Hard
  8. Sleepless
  9. Let Me Be Free feat. Detour City
  10. Tonight
  11. Nee You feat. Iman
  12. Redemption