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Win Duologue's Underworld/Zeros on vinyl

Duologue, Underworld/Zeroes

Preview by Jack Foley

DUOLOGUE released their new double-A side single, Underworld/Zeros on October 29, 2012, through Killing Moon Records.

The double A-side will precede the release of their debut album, expected in 2013.

Duologue began with two original members – Tim Digby-Bell and Toby Leeming (vocals/live programming and beats) – producing on a computer whilst at Edinburgh University.

Both realised what they were creating was sounding too big for just a couple of people to play. Seb Dilleyston was brought in to add atmospheres on violin having previously trained with world renowned violinist Maria Eitler.

Toby Lee was next to join on guitar and then bassist Ross Stone completed the line-up.

Bonding over a mixture of the best in pulsing electronica and guitar-based music, they’ve fused this eclecticism into a sound of their own.

What makes the band so compelling is that they are just that, a band. Refusing to rely too heavily on programmed elements, each layer comes to life in the live arena.

“We wanted to have moments where we can strip it down to the bare essentials, really intimate moments, and then to build up to these epic electronic parts too. It needs to feel like a real journey,” says Tim.

This single is the finest example yet of what Duologue do so well.

Underworld builds serenely, focused almost solely on vocals before a visceral soundscape of guitars, programmed beats, drums, and piano collide in the mix. Its crescendo filters back to just that simmering vocal and a stark piano.

Zeros opens on a dirty, bluesy guitar riff, before Duologue’s programming and beats fill the song in a cacophony of sound. Similarly to Underworld, the vocal, which flits to and from falsetto on a whim, is the perennial driver, and can find few comparisons.

Win Duologue’s Underworld/Zeros on vinyl

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