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X-Press 2 invite you to enter remix competition

X-Press 2

Story by Jack Foley

TO MARK the release of their new single Kill 100, X-Press 2 have created a competition to gain 100 remixes.

Due to a digital sales loophole regarding remix downloads, The X-Press 2 boys have decided to have a bit of fun!!

At the moment, there is a limit to how many tracks an artist can put on a CD for release so that sales of that release will be chart eligible.

That means that if you’re an artist and you have a single with a few remixes and the odd bonus track, and you want to release them on all on a CD, the single wouldn’t be chart eligible.

Sales will not count towards the chart position at all due to the number of tracks on the CD!

However, this does not apply to digital sales – which means that an artist can release as many remixes as they like online and they’ll all count towards the chart eligibility of the track.

To take advantage of this, X-Press 2 have decided to make all the parts to Kill 100 available online to producers, remixers and bedroom DJs alike – anyone who fancies a go really.

All you need to do is upload your remix and X-Press 2 will choose 100 of the best and make them available for digital sale on their website.

Whichever remix has the most pre-orders will win a hefty cash prize along with a full CD release!

To find out more, log on to