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Xrabit + DMG$ - Hello World

Xrabit & DMG$, Hello World

Review by Jack Foley

IndieLondon Rating: 2 out of 5

IT’S always disappointing when an album promises more than it delivers. When it came to Xrabit + DMG$‘s Hello World we were promised “one of the funniest, more irreverent, freshest hip hop” records in a long, long while.

And sure enough, lead single Follow The Leader and album opener Damaged Good$ suggested we were in for a treat.

But sadly Hello World fails to capitalise on its potential. Rather, it’s juvenile, dated, often unfunny and only briefly shows signs of shaking up the hip hop genre in a good way.

Xrabit + DMG$ are a trio fronted by producer Xrabit and boasting vocalists Trak and Coool Dundee. Their music contains a heaby emphasis on electronic backing, ’80s influenced style and beats (think early Beastie Boys in places), and an animated alternative reality that comes over, according to its PR, as a co-production between HBO and Nickelodeon.

But after initially impressing, the magic soon wears thin. Damaged Good$ contains zip, coolness and a strong combo of sharp synths and a thumping back-beat that’s both retro and contemporary. The vocal trade-off is busy, the lyrics fly at you thick and fast, while the whole record has a freshness that’s not usually associated with the genre at the moment.

Even the ’80s nostalgia trip Ferris Bueller contains a nice finger-clicking zip, but the album then starts to lose its way. The bad language that infects so much hip hop is ever present, while the Paul Hardcastle/Beastie Boys fusion that is Love Of My Night feels dated and stale.

Things get worse across tracks like Salt Shaker and Party In My Pants, while the repeatism that takes place on tracks such as Thuderkats and Dirty South is just plain disappointing.

Xrabit and DMG$ have potential to build on this album’s successes and come back stronger with a sophomore effort… but for now they really could do with sharpening up their act.

Download picks: Damaged Good$, Follow The Leader, Ferris Bueller

Track listing:

  1. Damaged Good$
  2. Ferris Bueller
  3. Love Of My Night
  4. Are We Friends
  5. My Stereo
  6. Trak’s Promise
  7. Salt Shaker
  8. Party In My Pants
  9. Thunderkats
  10. Follow The Leader
  11. Some Ole
  12. Dirty South
  13. Cheese