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You Me At Six - Take Off Your Colours

You Me At Six, Take Off Your Colours

Review by Jack Foley

IndieLondon Rating: 3 out of 5

SURREY quintet You Me At Six took a year to complete their debut album Take Off Your Colours and the time seems to have equipped them well for making a pretty big splash.

In that time, the band have issued numerous singles, toured exhaustively and firmly established themselves as an exuberant young band offering a mix of heavy/mid tempo rock tracks. They’re clearly influenced by bands such as Fall Out Boy and Paramore, and the embracing of that particular style is both a strength and weakness.

Early on, tracks like The Truth Is A Terrible Thing and fan favourite Gossip play to an established, even over-worked formula – namely, loud, brash guitar hooks and shouty, earnest vocals. There’s not that much to distinguish them from the bands they’re seeking to emulate, even though they can clearly carry a tune.

Even most recent single Jealous Minds Think Alike panders to a particular demographic and seems too afraid to mix things up at all. It’s as though the song serves as an apt metaphor for You Me At Six’s intentions – they crave Fall Out Boy’s success, and are so jealous of it that writing songs that are exactly similar is the key to success.

But if you’re patient, then there are indications that there’s more to You Me At Six – aka Josh Franceschi (vocals), Max Helyer (guitar), Matt Barnes (bass), Chris Miller (guitar) and Dan Flint (drums) – than initial appearances (or sound) suggests.

You’ve Made Your Bed (So Sleep In It) benefits from slowing down the pace and really allowing the weighty vocals to be heard. It’s reminiscent of bands like Bush at their most atmospheric and displays a maturity not always apparent in some of their earlier songwriting. A break-up anthem, it’s sure to be embraced by their fans… as well as reaching newcomers as well.

Tigers And Sharks, meanwhile, shows they’re capable of turning out a good ballad – both musically and vocally, as Franceschi’s intensity befits the song well. Likewise, the acoustic offering Always Attract is a real cigarette lighter moment – beautifully written, impeccably delivered, it really does underline that You Me At Six are capable of diversity.

Of course, the album is never more comfortable and content than when thrashing about, and the final tracks return to the tried and tested formula – with tracks like Nasty Habits and If You Run benefitting from going for more rockier, gritty elements than the pop sound that guarantees a place on the radio.

But while Take Off Your Colours does enough to elevate You Me At Six above the average for this kind of sound, it’s nothing to get too excited about at this stage.

Download picks: Always Attract, You’ve Made Your Bed (So Sleep In It), Tigers And Sharks, Nasty Habits

Track listing:

  1. Jealous Minds Think Alike
  2. Behind Blue Eyes
  3. Call That A Comeback
  4. Jealous Minds Think Alike
  5. Save It For The Bedroom
  6. Take Off Your Colours
  7. You’ve Made Your Bed (So Sleep In It)
  8. If You Run
  9. Tigers And Sharks
  10. If I Were In Your Shoes
  11. Always Attract
  12. Nasty Habits
  13. Rumour

  1. your track listing is wrong! the first track s called the truth is a terrible thing!!! if you like yma6 get it right first time!

    adam maher    Oct 15    #
  2. YMAS are not indie!
    good review,
    love the new album :)x

    Faris    Oct 15    #
  3. what adam said get your track listing right cos behind blue eyes isnt even on the god damn album
    get your facts right..

    ferdz    Oct 16    #