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Yppah - They Know What Ghost Know

Yppah, They Know What Ghost Know

Review by Jack Foley

IndieLondon Rating: 5 out of 5

NOW here’s something special. The return of Joe Corrales, aka Yppah (pronounced “Yippah”), marks another major success for the Ninja Tune label.

Channelling the combined energy of DJ Shadow, David Holmes and Mogwai, They Know What Ghost Know is a truly funky sophomore LP that really deserves to find a huge following.

Fashioning a rockier sound than You Are Beautiful At All Times, the album draws heavily on Corrales’ cultural heritage that took in My Bloody Valentine, hip hop, electronica and psychadelic rock and soul.

It combines a mixture of styles, sounds and samples that continually and consistently surprises in all the right ways.

Album opener Son Saves The Rest, for instance, is a wall-of-noise guitar pummeller that resembles Mogwai’s Autorock – and which is every bit as exhilarating. Surely, a soundtrack awaits!

It’s followed by the former EP highlight Gumball Machine Weekend, which sounds like a southern fried mash-up between The Go! Team and David Holmes. It’s a hip, fun, summer parthy anthem in waiting for all the cool cats out there.

Playing With Fireworks is a blissful slice of psychadelia that dazzles with its intricate, slow-building beauty, while the lush guitar riffs of Shutter Speed contribute to a track that fellow label-mate Bonobo would be proud to call his own, complete with flute samples.

There’s a trancey element to title track They Know What Ghost Know which is strangely hypnotic, but which slow-builds into another thrillingly layered classic, while City Glow meanders into your subconscious in typically hip and cinematic fashion.

Sun Flower Sun Kissed, like its name suggests, picks up the vibe and is guaranteed to have you nodding along in appreciation, while the beat combos and sound mixing of The Tingling takes the LP into hip hop territory, while channelling the memory of DJ Shadow and The Dust Brothers in their pomp.

Bobbie Joe Wilson is a footloose and fancy-free romp that’s reliant on a more electronic pulse that provides further evidence of Yppah’s hip-hop allegiance courtesy of some vocal loops, while A Parking Lot Carnival is as celebratory and upbeat as its title suggests.

Southern Sky Tells, meanwhile, brings the album to a close on a suitably euphoric – if slow-build – high.

Yppah’s return is most definitely not to be missed.

Download picks: Gumball Machine Weekend, Bobbie Joe Wilson, Son Saves The Rest, They Know What Ghost Know, Southern Sky Tells, A Parking Lot Carnival

Track listing:

  1. Son Saves The Rest
  2. Gumball Machine Weekend
  3. Playing With Fireworks
  4. Shutter Speed
  5. The Neon Scene
  6. They Know What Ghost Know
  7. City Glow
  8. Sunflower Sun Kissed
  9. The Tingling
  10. Bobbie Joe Wilson
  11. A Parking Lot Carnival
  12. Southern Sky Tells