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EVERYONE needs one, so it’s little wonder to find the shops packed with calendars this time of year.

Wall calendars offer the perfect opportunity to record all the dates you mustn’t forget over the next 12 months – not to mention the tantalising opportunity of staring at your favourite celebrity, or movie scene, for the next 12 (or 16) months.

Here, we bring you a selection of the best calendars on the market.

Monday, August 29

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Undoubtedly one of the most feel-good tracks of the summer, Don’t Lie is the sound of the Black Eyed Peas at their finest. Written by all four members of the band, the track was born out of a true experience had about ‘owning up and apologising and realising your faults’.

“It’s about a man or a woman – an adult – and confronting situations honestly,” he adds. With its infectious blend of hip-hop beats, sun-drenched guitar riffs, and sing-along vocals, this really is a breezy summer record that sounds far chirpier than its love-lorn lyrics suggest. It’s sure to become one of the band’s biggest anthems and rates among the highlights of the new album, Monkey Business, which features tracks of a similarly high quality. The video for the single was directed by Saline Project (Eminem and The Hives) and the backdrop was filmed entirely in Brazil.

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